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As regular readers know, I only agree to reviewing products/services which I know interest me, my family or my readers.

When approached by The Handpicked Collection to check out their gift brochure and website I spent a happy hour checking out their suggested gift ideas – by age, gender, occasion, budget etc

I was genuinely impressed, and when given the opportunity to receive one of their products to
review, I chose the Natural Slate Cheeseboard.

It is a lovely handcrafted piece of slate, from Scotland. It came, with chalk, in an attractive box and would make an ideal present, if I wasn’t keeping it for myself.

Here is how it is proposed we use it.

Lovely it looks too, but to be honest, we don’t often have such a selection of cheeses except on Christmas Day or perhaps one of our very infrequent dinner parties.

However, I knew I could use it much more often …..

as a lovely chalk board!

either to use as a prop for my blog (with my cute young assistant modelling my blog tag line “welcome to my world”)


as part of a home decor display (yes, I have been on Pinterest and in blogland too long to know of the many ways a handwritten chalk board can be used).

Expect to see this chalk board / cheese board featuring again soon on my blog.

Disclaimer – Handpicked Collection provided me with this cheese/chalk board to review, but I promise that all opinions and inspiration as how I might use it are all my one.

If you have a moment, check out their website, and see which item you would select as a gift, for yourself or someone else.They have a clever Gift Finder where you  can specify your requirements, and it will produce a short list of suggestions for you.

So how would you use this item – as a cheese board, a chalk board, or something else?

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  1. Hi JM,

    What a “cheesey” gift!

    All puns aside,I think this is a fabulous idea. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? This would be a fabulous way to show off a few key pieces of your jewelery. A name and description with a piece. Very cool!

    Hope you’re over your jet-lag.

    Love, Barb

    PS – did I tell you my computer DIED? Sigh sigh, living off a teensy laptop in the meanwhile. But God is Good, all the time, prompted my mind to back up all THE DAY BEFORE. Ha! There’s a testimony for you!

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