School’s (Nearly) Out for Summer

Next week school stops for the summer for my 3 kids, so the school runs, homework, packed lunches, mountains of notes and announcements……are all stopping.

Instead we will have lie-ins early morning wakening as usual (my kids don’t DO lie-ins..YET!), go-slow days, trips to park and beach, and hopefully this warm sunshine will continue.  CSSM will start soon in Portballintrae and for my daughters this is a highlight of their social calendar.

As usual, my blog has been a bit neglected recently, and I know when friends are approaching me at church as asking if I am ok as I haven’t been blogging in a while, that I am being missed!

As a blogger I sometimes get the opportunity to review products for companies, so coming soon to this blog will be a review of a product from CSN.  CSN Stores has amazing online stores where you can find everything from cookware to lighting to furniture!  So watch this blog and see which product I choose to review 🙂

So what’s been happening since my last post:

2 sports days

the essential egg and spoon race:

 and the novelty race!

My middle daughter at senior sports day:

TRIVIA QUESTION – can you name the gold Olympic athlete in the above picture?

  •  several BBQ’s

  • lots of jewellery being created and sold (sorry my online store has not been added to recently – everything I make seems to get sold without the need to put it online) but here are a few of my recent creations

catching up with friends before the summer

school projects (I know more than I ever wanted to about African Monkeys)

and whats not been happening:

  • rain (yes! – June has been an unexpectedly warm, dry month)

  • blogging

  • photography – slipping up a bit, my photography always seems to have a purpose these days, but I love taking photos for no reason at all!  However I have a couple to share of the weeds flowers in our garden and of my son, a view from ground level!

So what have you been up to recently – do you have a burst of activities and tasks just before the summer?

Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing I hope you will have a great summer (or winter if you live “down under”) and hope you will keep in contact through my blog. I know quite a few of you read and never comment, but it would be lovely if you could stop by and say “hi” – thanks.

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  1. We are three days into our summer break and already, I’m hearing “I’m bored!”


    “There’s nothing to do!”



    I’ll leave it to you to decide which one I’m responsible for.

  2. I’m grading papers with one eye on the calendar. My grand niece was born two weeks ago and I still have to crochet her an outfit for fall! Missed you too but since we don’t travel in the same circles…*grins* This is as close as I can get!

  3. As this is my first year with a child in school I wasn’t prepared at all, but I’ll be making a note so I won’t forget next year that June is madness. I’ve only had to contend with the sports day and day trips and sponsorships and notes and announcements for one child and still I’ve had a hard time finding a minute to myself. I just still can’t quite believe it’s been a year already:)

  4. Just stopping to say Hi:) I’m a new reader. Don’t remember quite how I got here, but I love hearing about everyday life from people in other parts of the world. Love all your pictures!

  5. ok, well if you placed the photo of you and your beloved into your blog header a long time ago then you can kick me, but I just noticed it now. I know I saw the photo IN your blog a bit back.

    Ah yes, school’s end. Bittersweet and exciting. How those days come spilling back in memory – remember how it felt an eternity of “fun time” opened up before you and the summer went on and on and on. Now its gone in a blink of an eye and it seems like much more work. But it sounds as if you have it under control.

    We will have a great, grand summer seeing as how you are wishing it upon us. Otherwise were were thinking of a plain old, plain old (giggle)

    Your jewellery pieces are FABULOUS – no wonder they are pre-ordered.

    So happy to see more photography – you really work that lens to squeeze the magic out of the world around you.

    Thx for a wonderful read and treat for the eyes while I sit and sip my coffee!

    Love, Barb

  6. great to see more picture from you! We have still school until the end of July.
    But we had many sport events, as you can see on my blog.
    The weather was fantastic the last days hope it´ll continue.
    Wish you a good start in the new week and a great summer time!

  7. I have my step kids for the summer and keeping them entertained while trying to work from home is not easy. I am already tired of hearing how they are bored, when I was there age I played outside and was able to create fun games with my siblings.

  8. hi!!! it felt like forever since i last visited your blog! i have to say i missed it. i have been really busy with the move but things are starting to slow down now and i am trying ti hasten up in updatin my blog. i love you photos (as usual) and i hope you have a wonderful and full of fun summer!! keep in touch!!

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