Where in the world are you? (and another layout too!)

As you can see – I have a new guest book on my blog – and it lets you show where in the world you live. I know I have visitors from all over, and I would love it if you – yes YOU – would take a moment to say ‘hi’.

Todays layout is the second time I have scrapped this photo of my middle child, Jane. Jane lost her 4th baby tooth yesterday, the second upper front one, so she will be a bit ‘gappy’ for a while ! When I was looking for a photo to scrap last night, this smile just junped out at me. Guess I am feeling she isn’t so wee any more…

Credits – a lovely kit from Weeds and Wildflowers called Welcoming Spring. Font – Papyrus. Word Art – Misty Cato. Spring Clip by Kathryn Mhire at Gotta Pixel, Sketch by Brenda at Gotta Pixel for the march challenge.

So – leave some love please if you have stopped by – and mark yourself on the Guest Book map – I don’t ask much, do I?!

Heading off the take the kids for a swimming lesson now. Hoping to have a baby-sitter tonight so I can go to the cinema with friends. DH due back from York later this evening – its only been 2 days but seems much longer!

Have a good day,

Take care

4 thoughts on “Where in the world are you? (and another layout too!)”

  1. Beautiful LO!
    She is as cute as a button too, adorable! Love the soft colour reduction on this photo…makes it look so beautiful, love the note paper with the ribbons! 🙂

  2. Beautiful layout!! She is just adorable, and I really love how you aranged everything!!

    I will try to get a picture together for your guest book, and then come sign it!

  3. love your blog…what a wonderful job you have done on it…your children..are beautiful…and your layouts awesome…thank you for sharing…Joanne from…laras group..

  4. Lara Payton

    she is an absolute doll! and your lo is so soft & sweet ~ love the tenderness i feel from it 🙂 great job on this!!!

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