S is for Sunday

Evening all.

Another quiet day, with our daughters still ‘sleeping over’ at my parents. This afternoon while my toddler had a nap, and my dh snoozed (must be an age thing!) I played with Photoshop at bit, and discovered a few new tricks this programme can do.

So here is the result – a merged panorma photo of White Park Bay beach, near our holiday cottage. It is quite rugged and unspoilt, but I haven’t been recently as it is a bit of a trek down from the carpark to the beach with 3 kids, and there are other beaches with better access. That is part of the charm of it though, as it is possible to have the beach to yourself, except perhaps for a few sheep and cows on the path down!

So I hope you have had (or are having) a good Sunday.

Take care

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