Lessons Learned – wrong on so many levels!

I am late in the day posting my lessons learned, but it as well I was, as I would have missed this classic comment from my 10 year old daughter.

  • This afternoon a little girl from my son’s class came over to play – they are both 5. They were playing tunes on an electronic toy, and dancing around the room. Their styles included “ballet” as well as “scary”, “fast” and “clappy”.

My daughter, on hearing her wee brother was twirling around attempting ballet she said

“That is just WRONG on SO many levels”! 

She said it so emphatically too!

Other lessons learned:

  • The whole family (well 4 out of 5 of us – my husband was required to push my son up any slight inclunes) outing on the bikes to the local shop for sweets was great fun, but taking a photo using you iphone, whilst cycling, is not easy!

  • Some friends may wear fancy pink polka dot boots when we go far a walk in the park, and she may be prepared to get some “real mud” on them too, but drew the line at jumping in the muddy puddles.  

Her daughter, however, was happy to oblige!

  • The response to selling my photos on-line has been very positive, accept I find the lovely comments in THIS post a bit embarrassing – I need to learn to take compliments better!

(PS you can win one of my prints by leaving a comment HERE)

So, what have you learned this week?  To learn what others learned, visit Jo-Lynne

16 thoughts on “Lessons Learned – wrong on so many levels!”

  1. Congratulations on all the compliments to your photography! They were well deserved!

    Once again, thank you for stopping by my blog!

  2. Ohhh – I’m having gum boot envy! How FUN those are.

    I hope your lil fella dances his little heart out! I love they should not have to feel “odd” about it at his age. He enjoys and thats all that matters.

    Ha – have I not said it all along? Have I not said it 1 katrillion times? Your eye behind the camera catches all the best bits in life. Your photos are a kalaidescope of colour and motion and action – of sweet moments and celebrations and quiet contemplation. Every single photo of yours I’ve seen evokes an emotion. I’m so glad you’ve been given the feedback its worthy of!

    Love, Barb
    (your biggest fan – from Canada at least) LOL!

  3. Becca @ Our Crazy Boys

    I love the boots! They would make me wish for rain!

    And your photos? Beautiful. Yes, you need to learn to accept compliments 🙂

  4. elizabeth holder

    Isn’t it funny how it’s so hard to accept compliments? But your photo’s are wonderful –
    and you deserve them.
    Hope it’s finally warming up –
    it is here –
    have a great weekend

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