Wedding Fever

As we were driving back up from Galway, and our house swap, we missed watching the Royal Wedding live on TV. So last night I settled down with the family to watch the highlights on the BBC.

While watching I learnt the following:

1. My daughters know very little about our Royal Family – there was lots of explaining who’s who etc

2. My daughters know very little about wedding etiquette – there was lots of explaining about what was happening and why. The only wedding they really remember attending was my cousin’s in March 2007 (the month I started blogging!)

3. My daughters are just as interested in the wedding of William and Kate as I was at that age when Charles and Diana were married in the 1980’s.  I still have the souvenir supplements from the papers, books on Diana and a scrapbook of newspaper cuttings.  Judging by the way my daughters were while they watched, and are this morning with the newspapers, they will soon have their own collection of Royal Wedding memoribilia.

4. Watching a wedding certainly causes much conversation between the female family members.

5. This may be referred to as “twittering on” (and not in the technological sense) by a male family member.

6. The youngest male, aged 6, was anxious to see the “kissing bit”!

7. Watching a wedding definitely brings back memories of my own wedding. You can check the link but here’s a photo for you:

8. No, we weren’t THAT young, we just looked it! (we were both 24)

9. Fortunately glasses styles have moved on from the 80’s and even more fortunately perhaps I wore contact lenses!

10. It was lovely to watch a happy occasion on TV which appears to have united at least the female population of the country, after do much about tragedy, natural disaster and recession.

So, did you watch? What did you think?

Have you ever blogged about your own wedding? –  if so, please link up in the comments.

If not, this would be a great time to do so, and link up in the comments!

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