The Cat and the Wardrobe malfunction!

This blog post will combine cats and wardrobes – not a natural combination. First some good news that I have been offered the chance to review another product from CSN stores. CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find everything from wardrobes to fantastic fitness equipment to cookware! I loved the last items I chose, and looking forward to the challenge of what to choose next time.

So where do cats and wardrobes come in? Read on…….

We usually keep our cat, George, inside in the evenings and overnight, and he tends to get into trouble with the other neighbourhood cats – they tend to have a hate-hate relationship and we have the vet bills to prove it!

Most evenings George can be found beside me on the sofa, or at my elbow when I am working on my laptop.  Occasionally he can be found snuggled up somewhere else in the house so as long as he is inside, I don’t tend to worry too much about where he is, as he will come and find me eventually.

Last night, about 9.30pm we heard a shriek from one of our daughters saying there was a strange scrabbling noise coming from our wardrobe…..on opening the doors a slightly offended George walked out looking very unimpressed with us.

He was no worse for the his captivity and soon resumed his usually dozing spot on the sofa. It also gives me a good excuse to post some photos of him on my blog.

Did you notice that smooth link wardrobes to cats in wardrobes?!!!

 Have a great weekend, whatever you are up to.

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  1. oh no – poor george –
    he is a beautiful kitty –
    I think my Half-pint would have had the same look on her face as he did when he came out of the closet!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend planned now that your hubby is back!

  2. LOL – I think you could have linked just about anything to your wardrobe, but I am happy it was George. He’s certainly a dapper looking feline. Thats the one thing I miss here, because we live on a spot that is in the land conservency and want to keep it “raw” there are no domestic pets here. I have to make do with skunks, bear and deer.

    Can’t wait to see your review (unless I’m missing something I’m assuming you WILL be reviewing a wardrobe, correct?)

    ~ Barb

  3. hi janmary!! your cat is adorable!! beautiful pictures. cats and wardrobes…? odd combination but i really don’t know anything about cats…hehehe
    have a great weekend!!

  4. Hi Janine! Thanks for visiting my blog! (You don’t show up as a follower yet, but you have earned your prize…;-) I am putting up another give-away today too.

    Your kitty is beautiful! Do you think he slipped away to Narnia while in the wardrobe? Maybe he had a feline conversation with Aslan? A fun post…

  5. Aw poor George, our cat has been known to whip unnoticed into the garage and get locked in. We’ve even considered putting a cat flap on the garage door because she’s done it so many times now:)

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