Happy Memories

It has been a lovely day here, except perhaps, for our new cat George – who had his visit to the vet today.

However, after a week being kept inside, he has been liberated, and is currently exploring the garden. Just hope he remembers to come back in again!

So here are a few more cute photos of George…..


asleep again……

and again!

and first exploration of our garden

So on to my latest layout

Jane, aged 4, in our back garden when we lived in England. The kit is a beautiful one called Being Me from Heidi Williams at Weeds & Wildflowers. Check it out here https://www.weedsandwildflowersdesign.com/shop/
Jane is now the grand old age of 7, but says she doesn’t like these pictures as she has curly hair in them and looks too cute! Apparently she doesn’t want to be cute anymore – too bad, because she is still very cute to me!
Take care, and keep those comments coming!!!

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  1. Oh your daughter is cute, and so is your layout!! LOL In the future she will like them again I’m sure. The photo’s of your cat are cute too!

  2. I love the LO of your daughter… she is a cutie…even if she doesn’t wanna be….LOL. And I love those shots of George. He sure looks right at home. When are we gonna see a LO featuring him? (No pressure…LOL)

  3. it looks like George is fitting in well with his new family & home! what a relaxing life he has 😉 really cute photos!

    and your LO is beautiful ~ i loev the long-stemmed doodled flowers & all your wonderful layering! she IS cute, but don’t tell her i said so LOL!!

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