On the first day of December…I share some lessons

It is that time of year, December, when I attempt to blog daily, and then I wonder “what was I thinking?”!

So my first lesson is – I never learn! – However if I don’t quite manage it, I know you will forgive me…..won’t you?

Second Lesson – some things are worth the wait! Do you remember my kitchen/family room makeover?  When I last shared it with you, it was like this:

– a few things were missing – mainly curtains, and a small bench for the laptop(s).

After intermittent searching, Marks and Spencers finally provided the solution we were looking for, and voila!


The other part I was waiting for, was the bench for our laptops.  Brian, our kitchen fitter, built it to match the chunkier work surfaces, and the high stools from Ikea are just the right size. ……voila!


The ONLY thing left to finish now is the kitchen window – I am thinking blinds, but open to inspiration…..any suggestions?

And just to remind you how far the whole project has come, here is how it looked back in March.

Lesson Three – Christmas Advent. At our church this year we are being encouraged to spend some time each day studying and sharing this book – a Journey Through Advent by Rob Frost.

There are plans to have a blog where we can share our thoughts, so I am keen to see how we manage.  With so much going on in this hectic season it will be good to have the discipline to remember “the reason for the Season”.

Lest I forget, I can also be reminded by my collection of nativity scenes.

So, on the first day of December, what have you to look forward to on my blog :-

2 kids birthdays, a continental market, a huge craft market (where I plan to buy, not sell!), 4 carol services, 2 christmas concerts, Christmas Dinner for 8, a visit to Santa,  the opening of my new online store and maybe even a partridge in a pear tree!

So you don’t miss a thing, come back daily, and leave a comment if you can.

For more lessons visit Musings of a Housewife.

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  1. That kitchen should be in home beautiful or kitchen illustrated. You did a great job and I hope you get some time to yourself

  2. Your kitchen looks lovely. How about some blinds in there. Looks like that window is above the sink. That way you could put them all the way up or just open them. I love the nativity sets.

  3. Looks Great! I love the clean look of the Window treatments, and it adds so much. I don’t know about blinds in the kitchen, but i guess it depends on whether you like to look out on the world while at the sink. Maybe just a valance, unless you have an unsightly neighbor 🙂
    Have a great day!

  4. ok.. first off.. I love all the angled photographs!

    your chunky little nativity set looks so cute too!

    also… be sure to stop by my blog today for a massively large blog train

  5. I like the window over the sink bare unless you don’t want to see what’s out there. Then maybe cafe style curtains that can open/close. I’ve always wanted to collect nativity scenes from all over the world – it’s so neat to see different artistic takes.

  6. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love the color of the curtains. I really like Roman Shades in a kitchen – that’s my suggestion. I’ve never actually been able to use them in my house though. 🙁

    Sounds like a full December coming up!

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