Live blogging from the hairdressers

I am blogging intermittently while having a cut and colour done this morning.

I have a love/hate relationship with gertting my hair done! Here is why :-

I love my hairdresser – she is a great character, always lots of chat, and she has seen me though my 3 pregnancies, illness, followed my husband’s career progression always with a sense of humour, while also sharing her own highs and lows.

I hate getting my hair washed at those basins – I find them so uncomfortable.

I love being able to trust someone implicitly with my hair -although it took her about 10 years to convince me that highlights was the way to go!

I hate the question, especially from a young trendy assistant “going out tonight? Anywhere special?” as I rarely am! And they look a bit confused when I reply “No, just a quiet night in”. You can almost hear them thinking “but it’s Saturday night, you must be quite sad and odd and old”!

I love having time to browse through glossy magazines – a wee bit of ‘me’ time even if it is in a busy salon.

I hate that as a glasses wearer I can’t really see most of what they are doing. When they have finished and produce the mirror to see the back, and I put my glasses back on I am usually more distracted by the front! It is my first time seeing it in focus and it is usually not quite how I imagined it would look. Don’t get me wrong, I usually live it, but there is definitely an element of surprise!!

So how do YOU feel about the hairdressers? Is it just me?

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  1. Um, I think you reflected my thoughts almost exactly!!! As a glassed wearer myself, I am often just sitting there in my own world because I feel silly looking in the direction of anyone talking in case I cant find their eyes to look and in they think I am blind or something.

    I got a big chuckle out of this Jan!!


  2. *looks around cautiously and clears the throat*

    I–uhmmm–haven’t been to a hair salon in about 15 years. I just whack at my own hair when it gets too long. It’s baby fine and straight and doesn’t hold a perm past 24 hours and I finally learned to just accept it. 😀

  3. I’m dying to see what it looks like! Where’s the after picture?!

    Confession: I always do my make-up right before I go see the hairdresser because when she starts sectioning it and putting color on, under those horrible unflattering lights, I feel super ugly. And that’s not supposed to be what the whole experience is about, right? I’m not a vain person, honestly. It’s just a quirk. One of many 🙂

  4. I love going to the hairdressers. Its Mummy time and Daddy has to look after the boys. I get to read a book and have a quiet cup of coffee. My only problem at the moment is that my hairdressers closed on the 31 January 2009 and I now have to find a new one who I can trust with my hair. Help!!!

  5. i would have loved to see a picture of you after your visit..hehehe care to share??
    since i moved here in paris, i barely get my hair done..and i mean plain haircut!!! i cannot really explain in ‘french’ what i wand done with my hair, and i am afraid to tell them ‘just do what is best for me’. so i think i just got a trim 2 during my 5 year of stay here and from a filipino haircutter (with no salon exactly). but when i went to the US or home (philippines) i get my hair fixed. i miss having color and hotoil and hair spa…
    parlor is a definite ‘me’ time…. i miss it.

  6. Fun post! I LOVE having them wash my hair! Mainly because I only recently started going to a non-walk-in-$10 place!! It is pamper me time by 55 yrs don’t you think?
    OK, this just gave me a good post idea! Thanx!!

  7. This is my second attempt at a comment. I got interrupted yesterday and then had to return. I LOVE your post too. I like posts that start a conversation.

    I confess I only go to a hairdresser about once every two years. I just can cut my hair the way I like it? Being its a long style its not hard. But when I do go to the hairdressers I agree with you about the sinks, it ain’t natural. You would think in this day and age they would have some kind of new system which would be more ergenomically sane. Ah well. You survived and I am sure you look lovely!

    ~ Barb

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