Birthday Boy

 Our son is SIX and here are six things I love about him

  • the twinkle in his eye when he smiles
  • his deep red orange hair (he prefers it to be called orange – wonder how long that will last!)
  • his inquisitive mind
  • his hugs and kisses 
  • his boundless energy
  • his love of life

Most of the things I love about him also bring challenges (daily) but our family would not be the same without him.

    So I discovered how you know your kids are growing up quick…..when you go to buy Calpol in the chemists and realise you can now buy the age Six Plus medicine for everyone!

    Despite usually trying to contain the excitement and celebrating to a compact period of time, this year his celebrations last over five days!

    Here are those 5 days in the words of his 10 year old big sister (we have a private family blog, and I thought she described it much better than I could!)

    On Tuesday it was my brother’s 6th birthday!! He was VERY excited! It was probably the most present-packed birthday I’ve ever seen! Well it was more like a “Birth-week! It just kept on going on and on!

    First a dinner, then the birthday party, then presents, then more presents (At the dinner and party he also got presents) ….. And then came the actual birthday. (And more presents)

    First came the dinner that was organized on last friday. (It was Papa’s birthday too – he is 70 years older!)  It was in a lovely restaurant in Victoria Square. I really enjoyed getting to talk to all the family. The food was very nice and there was good service. I really enjoyed that Friday evening!

     So then came the party which was at Jumping – Jack’s. It was easier going than I thought it would. All the kids just ran into the soft play – area and stayed there, while my big sister and I helped ourselves to sweets and drinks!

    Then for a couple of days my parents kept on bringing on the presents, so you can imagine that my wee brother loved that! Next came the real birthday, but unfortunately my dad couldn’t be there because he was away teaching a course. But my brother still really enjoyed  his birthday, even though he had to go to school. Happy Birthday!

    (Well now that we’ve got that over with, lets get on with my birthday!!)

    I think we have another discovered another blogger in the family!

    Finally, some of the digital scrapbook layouts I have made of him in the last 6 years, including a pre-birth photo! :

    I have been browsing back through my blog, selecting digital layouts to include in this post, and it has been lovely…..preserving these memories is part of what blogging is all about.

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    1. Happy Birthday to you little one! He is adorable! His big sister is a very good writer. I do think blogging is in her future! Carla

    2. HAPPY HOPPY BIRTHDAY to the birthday boy!

      First of all, I wonder what Calpol computes to in our medicines.

      Second, I’ve really enjoyed watching him grow up through your blog posts and your stunning layouts. Ah, right – THATS the beauty of digi (waffling on the cusp of this and paper) Just wonderful.

      Your daughter writes well and has complete captured it. Hmmm I was surprised she did not put a final number, a tally on the gifts. Surely it only FEELS like he has more. I remember that well.

      What a terrific idea, a private family blog – perhaps I might consider doing this for our family. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift to our family?

      Thanks once again for your amazing post. I’m sorry I’ve been missing in action for a bit.

      Love, Barb

    3. Oh, what a sweet post! He it is easy to see how loved and cherished your sweet boy is. I’ve prayed for him many times since you shared about him on my blog last year.
      I can’t decide on my favorite quote. Is it the “When Irish eyes”… or “It’s easy to bring a smile”? Where did you find those cute quotes?
      Your daughter’s writing was fantastic. You DO have another blogger in your house. 🙂

    4. I love them all but I think the I am 3 is my favorite with the younger ones framed on the side…Do you print these out for an album or put them on a disc?
      Your 10 year old did a very good job on her description of the Birthday boy’s celebrations. My youngest granddaughter had her 10th Birthday on Sunday…she was 10 on 10/10/10.

    5. Awwwwwww! I hope he has a wonderful birthday! That photo of him in the Outdoor Boy layout is just fantastic! 🙂

    6. JanMary – the best part is the sequence of layouts from prebirth to now – what a treasure to see him growing and maturing through the years.

      May God be with you and bless you;
      May you see your children’s children.
      May you be poor in misfortune,
      Rich in blessings,
      May you know nothing but happiness
      From this day forward.

      Stan at Scrappers Workshop

    7. Happy Birthday to your little sweetie! They grow up all to fast. My “little boy” turned 28 yesturday! And his baby sister, the baby of the family turned 13 this week, and we will have 20 girls for a sleepover this weekend to celebrate. Your post reminded me of both of them as I too once did a scrap book layout titled When Irish Eyes Are Smiling featuring the two of them. Your layouts and photos of your son are beautiful!
      Enjoy your boys’ birthday week, and let him milk it for all its worth!

    8. Happy Happy Birthday little man. Six already, he’s really growing up fast. I’m not sure I’m ready for six yet, it just seems more than a year older than five for some reason:)

      I love all the layouts, couldn’t possibly choose a favourite from them. I’ll really have to get my finger out and start on a few more for Chloe, I have photos earmarked and ideas for them but just don’t seem to have got round to doing it yet. Maybe that’s a job for this lazy Sunday morning:)

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