Autumn – Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness….and snails!

As it was National Poetry Day yesterday, and this is the only line I can remember from the poem of J B Keats “Ode to Autumn” it seemed an appropriate title for this post.  I can’t say I ever really enjoyed English Literature at school, and double periods of English in Room 8 were never the highlight of my week.

This week a homework project for our son involved creating an autumn collage.

All items used in making this were either collected in our garden or on the short walk home from school.  It is amazing how much colour and texture was available with minimal effort.

Attaching empty snail shells to the paper however required a lot more effort and even more sellotape!

Nothing says autumn more to my son than empty snail shells!

I really want to thank everyone who commented on my last post, or emailed me in response to it.  Although I had already shared this in our church magazine, it seemed a lot more scary once I had hit the publish button on my blog. However your support was lovely and I know it was the right thing to do.

Before I posted it I was almost on the verge of taking a prolonged (perhaps indefinite?) blogging break – I was doubting why I did it, my reasons, it’s purpose….all that stuff.

My last post however confirmed that I need to keep blogging, no matter how infrequently. I am sure there will be times when I do want to take a break, but I know that now is not the right time.

Have you ever had blogging doubts? Please share, we need to encourage each other as much as possible!

If you blog – why do YOU blog?
If you don’t (you know who YOU are!) – why don’t you?

I’d love to know.

7 thoughts on “Autumn – Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness….and snails!”

  1. Andrea @ The Creative Junkie

    I have blogging doubts ALL.THE.TIME.

    I am constantly questioning myself, wondering whether I should continue or just stop all together.

  2. Southern Lady

    I often wonder if my blogs really matter to anyone. Sometimes I feel like taking a break, then I remember that I started it for me…not anyone else. That is all that matteres. Carla

  3. Empty snail shells, cool! Love all the autumnness you collected together 🙂

    It’s scary putting yourself out there. I’m glad you hit publish.

    I have doubts too, but I agree with Southern Lady and bentonflocke. You just need to do it for you and keep yourself honest and real. That’s all the matters.

  4. well if it matters to anyone else – I love your blog and so thankful we became friends – I felt like I knew so much about you even before we actually met – that’s the wonderful world of blogging.
    I blog for me and my family – so that my great-great-great grandchildren can know who we are and what life was like.
    The benefit of this is meeting wonderful people!!

    Give the little one birthday hugs from me!

  5. Lovely fall creation!

    I blog because every now and again something I say or do blesses someone else – despite myself. Its a great way to journal and see how the days pass. I am always surprised by someone tells me they read my blog – whether a friend, relative, or stranger. I’ve been blessed by my readers. It connects me to the world when I can’t get out. I find I celebrate life joys, share in disappointments, just fellowship too here on my blog. Its not JUST about ME, its about what connects us as women. I need that.

    Love, Barb

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