Summer Days Continue

I could call the post lazy, hazy days of summer – but that wouldn’t be quite correct. We have been busy (with peace camp poetic tents and distressed painted pine bookcases) and the weather has been pretty good with either being fresh and breezy, or amazingly warm – we have even spent a few afternoons sitting on the beach (usually it is only warm enough to walk, but not stay in one place for too long!) Of course we had the obligatory wind break with us – are they just a Northern Ireland phenonemom?

So here is my news :

The hydrangea in the garden at home are in bloom and so heavy with blossom that I brought some back up to the cottage with me after quick one-night visit back home.

I have already received my birthday present – about a month early! It means I will have lots of time to play with it over the summer, and as it is veryy portable I plan to bring it along on our next house swap instead of my hefty large laptop.

I still have to try blogging on it, but so far it has been great. I chose as Asus Transformer Pad instead of an iPad, as I love the fact that it has a docking keypad which turns it into a netbook but still with the touch screen – best of both worlds. My daughters remain loyal to their iPads (they introduced iPads at their school – at the parents’ expense!!) and I love my iphone, but so far I am enjoying my new tablet. Any recommendation for Android apps greatfully received.

My parents came up one day to visit, and we headed over to Ballintoy to explore the beach, take pics (of course) and try some local delicacies!

Have you every tried Dulse? (Edible dried seaweed, found on sale in Ballycastle and surrounding area)

My father and unsuspecting tourists seem to be the only people who actually buy the stuff – imagine salty shoe leather and you aren’t too far off the mark!  As you can see my 7 year old was not to sure about it either!

One evening earlier in the week, after a very wet day, it started to dry up so we headed a few miles over towards Portrush. The view of the White Rocks cliffs, White Rocks Strand and on to Portrush was lovely with the mist and sun.

On into Portrush and the West Strand, and there were some great surfing waves. The news had spread quickly and there were a constant stream of sufers and body boarders arriving the whole time we were there.

There were quite a number of fishermen on the harbour wall too – obviously good fishing weather too!

My son has finally (yippee!) cracked riding on his bike unaided – hooray! (Bad parent – forgot his cycling helmet – he usually wears it, honestly)

So that’s me up to date – what is happening in your world?

Finally, I would like to share a few new local bloggers – it is great to discover new blogs, and the fact they are local AND that you know them from way back (our husbands went to school together!) is a bonus – so if you want to check out Susie’s blog and her daughter Amy’s baking blog – tell them I said “hi”!

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  1. Hi janine, thanks for the mention, we’ve both had quite a few people popping over to see what we’re at. We watched the Olympics too, I think the humorous bits like Mr Been and 007 were absolute classics! 

  2. so how do you like your new Pad???? I’m apple all the way – Loving the beach photos – can’t wait

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