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Waiting for Dad, and more from my hols

Our holiday here on north coast of Northern Ireland continues.

First here is a layout of some photos from last Saturday.

Credits Kit – June Collab by Funky Playground
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Staple – C Renee – rusty staple For Miles
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The journaling is a follows

“Last Saturday it was a glorious morning. The kids were very excited that Dad was travelling up to the cottage for the weekend They went up and down the lane many times, trying to spot his car.. Eventually even binoculars were being used in the search. Finally, about half an hour after they started looking, his black car came over the hill. With much excitement, they followed his car down the lane to the cottage. Some things are worth the wait!”

We had some friends, Matthew and Jessica (from church) to stay who are from England and Argentina, and they have only been up here once before. We enjoyed showing them some of our favourite spots – including Carrick-a-rede rope bridge, where we met up with 2 other church friends. Our own family didn’t cross the bridge to the island – our kids not old enough yet, but the other 4 adults did. It is quite safe (!) but does take a bit of nerve and a head for heights. It is best not to look down. Although it is not a massive drop, there are waves crashing on rocks below. As they say – it is not the fall you need to worry about, it is the landing! Once over the bridge, you get some amazing views of the coast-line, Rathlin Island and Scotland, but you also know that the only way back to the mainland is to return over the bridge.

There was some rain on the way back from the bridge, but in the evening we went for a walk on Runkerry Strand near Portballintrae. It was a beautiful evening, a high tide, with a lovely low sun in the sky and even a rainbow.

Sunday morning we headed to another favourite beach – Portstewart Strand. I recently bought the kids a seashore nature spotters book, so we all spent some time searching for shells, seaweed etc to identify and tick in the book. The beach is owned by the National Trust. It is possible to drive your car on the beach, and it is now a bit of a family tradition that we allow the kids to sit on Dad’s knee and steer, while he drives VERY SLOWLY. Even Sam now gets a turn, although as you can see, he struggles to see over the dashboard.

The other highlight of this week is our potty training success of Sam. I chose this week as dh is off work, and the girls are busy with CSSM and have lots to keep them entertained. It is going well, and there have been lots of successes with only a few accidents. However dh did comment that he didn’t remember it being this much work with the other 2 – I pointed out that he had been working, and I did it myself with the girls!

There was a medieval fair yesterday at Dunluce Castle – we took a picnic, and there was lots going on – jugglers, stilt walkers, musicians, sword fighting, falconry display etc etc. I even found a craft stall by a new local craft supply shop and will definitely be visiting their shop soon.

Have you checked out weeds and wildflowers design new-look site with some wonderful new stuff – they even have pics of the Creative Team – take a peek if you dare to spot Yours Truly.

I have been tagged by Kayla to provide 8 random facts about myself…

I turn 40 next month

I have lived in Northern Ireland all my life, except for one year in Bristol, SW England due to my dh’s job – it was a wonderful year, and we made some great friends, but it was good to be back too

I married by dh, despite one of his middle names being Bertram

I love the strawberry pieces in Special K Red Berries breakfast cereal

I am a bit of a hoarder, and not as tidy as by dh

I wonder how I used to spend my time before I discovered digital scrapbooking

I hate to reverse into parking spaces

I love hot air balloons – have been to 2 hot air balloon festivals, but have not (yet) been up in one.

Now I am going to tag someone I would love to find out some more random facts about as I always love to check her blog Mrs Miles

Finally – here are a few more of my favourite photos from this past week. For those who have commented/complained that I never appear in any photos – check out the last photo!

Thats all, love those comments. Thanks everyone.

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  1. JanMary, I want to come to YOUR house!! Really, every time I visit your blog its like reading a Mauve Binchy novel… I gtt all misty and in vacation mode. One day… who knows.

    I’d go on the bridge, i would, I WOULD!

    hrrrm… you TAGGED me, eh? Awwwright (shuffling my feet.. dragging my heels) I will see what I can do.

    Love your pics and SPECIALLY the last one for perspective, tho the fence one above is great too! Thanks so much for letting me know you updated.

    God Bless!

    PS I’m going to add you as a permanent link, i think… hehe, you will have to be checkin!

  2. OH WOW!! The scenery in these photos make me wish I lived closer to you!! It’s just beautiful!!

    I’m not so sure I’d have the nerve to cross that bridge…for I’d definitely be the one to look down…lol!!

    Glad you are having a wonderful time!!

  3. I am reading your blog from the blog train over at scrapartist! I will have to check out “yours truly” at w&w too! I am from Canada, and I wish I could hear you speak…I love the Irish accent! I hate reverse parking too! lol!

  4. LOL JanMary, your to funny! Love how you got our hopes up about seeing a picture of you, and then we see the last picture, and ummm gee are you SURE thats you? ROFL cute, really cute!! Love your pictures as usual, and your layout is wonderful! Its great that they were so excited that Daddy was comming!

  5. Hi JanMary, I have been sick with the flu, but just did a catch up, looking at your blog. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Sensational photos and layouts. LOL about you not been so precious about your paper supplies, and also stating you have a photo of you….that bridge looks very interesting, I think I would love to cross it, but it might take me an hour!

  6. Yes – it’s me, commenting on my own blog. At an internet cafe checking in on my blog – great to see your comments. Thanks so much. Maybe I should work for the Northern Ireland tourist board – you would all be most welcome! Will post again soon. Take care

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