20 Years Married …….What a Difference A Day Makes!

Today, twenty years ago, was a glorious hot sunny day (quite rare in N Ireland!) and I was getting married.

This is the gift I created for my husband…..

We met in Ahoghill in 1988, and our first date was in Bleakers Restaurant on the Malone Road (opposite the end of Eglantine Avenue and above Simpsons, for those who were students in Belfast!)

We were engaged in 1991 (we were both 23 in this photo – but look SO young!)

And married 12 June 1992 (photos of photos in our wedding album!)

The last one is just a snapshot, not in the official album but is special and poignat as my mother-in-law (in the middle of the photo) has since passed away, so lovely to have this photo of both sets of parents with us.

The other details are our kids birth dates and names, but I won’t share those details here. When my 7 year old saw this today he said he loved the words and dates, but offered to brighten up the plain and boring frame with some stickers! We politely declined!

Thanks to my husband for a wonderful 20 years – there has been sickness and health, richer and poorer, but I wouldn’t have wanted to spend them with anyone else!

Here’s to at least another 20 – my parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this coming August.

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  1. Elizabeth Holder

    Awww happy anniversary – sent you an email – here’s to another 20 years together

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