Welcome to my new Janmary Designs Jewellery

It’s finished – at last you too can see the new home of Janmary Designs handcrafted jewellery

The web address is still the same www.janmarydesigns.com but is has a whole new look, which I love.

Please, if you can, 

  • visit and have a look around
  • maybe leave me a comment (hint, hint!)
  • sign up to my Newsletter (DON’T miss it – there will be a special offer which will be exclusive to my newsletter subscribers)
  • subscribe to my blog
  • become a facebook fan!

 Finally, you can GRAB this button, and let me know by email or comment where you have posted it to ….. and on 31st January I will randomly select a blogger to win a £5 voucher off any item of Janmary Designs Jewellery.

Janmary Designs

 I promise NOT to make THIS blog all about my jewellery, but as usual I will continue to share some of my new designs here, and let you know of any special offers.


Have a great week, and thanks for all your encouragement about my blogging – I am not stopping blogging anytime soon, but it may continue to evolve!

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  1. Blogging always continues to evolve! That’s the basis of life–evolution. I think this is wonderful and I can’t wait to see the next installment of your incredible journey. 😀

  2. what a lovely jewellery!! Continue posting your
    very creative designing of jewellery..

  3. WOOT! Congratulations, JM! Looks awesome! And I just “liked” you on FB!

    (btw, your link is not working – I had to manually type in the address. The things I do for you, JanMary. Geesh.)

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