A New Year, a new camera and a new lens

For Christmas I upgraded my Canon to a 500D (and my 400D/Rebel xti went to a good home, didn’t it Sheila?!) and today my new lens arrived.

I know little about lenses and their various attributes but was looking for something which would be good in low light.  This lens was recommended (thanks Dave) – it’s a Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG Macro lens.

However, this afternoon it was proving to be quite a challenge to get the manual focus to function! Again, after guidance from Dave, I managed finally to work out that the focus ring needs to be moved forwards for Autofocus and back for Manual, but it definitely wasn’t obvious!

So tonight a photo of George, the cat, taken with the new lens:

And a few of my janmary designs jewellery creations taken with the lens earlier this afternoon

What did you get for Christmas? Or spend your Christmas money on?

Do share!

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  1. beautiful photos – my favorite is George!!! looks like your new camera and lens are working just fine!!! I will be putting your button on my blog this week – just relaxing, spending time with the hubs and trying not to spend so much time on the computer!!!

  2. Beautiful photographs and I love the posing of George. The jewelry is beautifully photographed as well.

  3. Hi JM,

    NICE camera, astonishingly gorgeous photos! Very impressive.

    Hmm… Christmas money, well it really trickled in small bits, mostly household stuff and I had on my wish list. Nothing spectacular. One thing I got for Christmas though which I LOVE is a GorillaPod tripod – have you seen one before? I just need one for my iphone now.

    Lovely post.

    ~ Barb

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