The summer has begun!

School finished on Thursday, and we were up here at the cottage by early afternoon on Friday.

 We seemed to have brought some warm sunshine with us, and not wanting to take it for granted, we headed to the beach on Friday night for our traditional fire log, marshmallows, hot chocolate and photo-shoot!

We went to a secluded and stunning beach near Ballintoy, and change for our usual spot – it was spectacular.  Sheep Island is nearest to us, Rathlin Island behinf, and in the distance that is Scotland.

My 6 year old took no time enjoying the waves.

The fire-log almost didn’t light – a really thought we were going to have to abandon it, but 20 matches and a lot of stubborness on my part, and we had it lit!

As usual, hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows followed.

Eventually my son had enough of the sea and being freezing cold, so we changed him and he snuggled up on a chair with a blanket and his hot chocolate.

The evening light was gorgeous, so I persuaded the family to pose for a few photos.

And, as usual, it was getting a photo of all 4 of them proved the most challenging!

However, this photo captures it “as they really are”. It was one of those special family evenings that makes you just want to press the pause button and enjoy it for a little longer, as they are all growing up so quickly.

Here’s to a great summer, and many more glorious evenings on the beach.

I am WAY behind with blogging – so coming soon –

  • The Ensuite Makeover – including before and after photos
  • The Community Photo Exhibition – my first ever photo in an exhibition
  • More Causeway Coast family holiday fun
  • Our next house-swap – to France in a few weeks time.

So what have you been up to? And what is it that you do that means summer has arrived?

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  1. Oh, how I love your photos! The beach scene looks so inviting to me. And the toasted marshmallows; yummy!

    Blessings and love,

  2. Al I keep thinking about is how I need to find that beach!,
    Looks lovely and peaceful yet still a bit cold
    Oh yes the marshmallows are a favorite too

  3. Such beautiful pictures… makes me wish we were coming back there sometime soon! Although I can’t believe your son played in the water… wasn’t it cold? Maybe when you’re little, it doesn’t matter? 🙂

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