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The Ensuite / Shower Room Makeover – with before and after photos

It is finished! 🙂

Still a few accessories to add, but after 12 years in our home, we have finally completed the makeover of our ensuite. (For my American/Canadian readers – what do you call it – it has a shower and is attached to the master bedroom? An ensuite? A half-bath? Let me know, I’m curious!

When I say WE, I just mean we chose it and paid for it, someone else (Jason, I can highly recommend him) oversaw the work, coordinated plumber, tiler, electrician, the hire of the skip, the painter etc.

The sink is a smaller version of the one we chose for our main bathroom when we refurbished it last year. In fact the whole look if very similar – you can see it HERE. You can also see the downstairs cloakroom makeover HERE. Also this time we chose small mosaic tiles instead of the pebbles.

I had a few (essential!) requirements

  • more storage
  • decent lighting
  • an extractor fan
  • separate lighting over the mirror (with a separate on/off switch from the main lighting)
  • darker floor tiles
  • neutral colour overall
  • replace the radiator with a chrome towel warmer on the opposite wall

We installed 2 showers in the same cubicle – one electric shower which will provide instant hot  water in the summer months when the heating has not been on, and a power shower which can use the hot water in the winter when the heat has been on in the house.

I am really pleased with the overall result. Just need to buy some new towels eand maybe an accessory or two, but not much as it is a small room and I don’t want to clutter it (this will come as a shock to my husband as I am well known for my clutter!)

Here is how it looked before – and how it  has looked for about 20 years

Here it was during the process – no going back!

And here is the finished product!

Thanks for looking 🙂

What colour of towels would you choose?

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  1. So pretty! I love the wood/sink combo & the little vertical tiles on either side of it!

  2. It looks great! At first I was going to answer your question by saying that this would be a “powder room” here, but then I realized that there was a shower … which would then make this room a “full bath.” I much prefer the term “ensuite” and might suggest such to my realtor as a way to describe our downstairs bathroom. 🙂 And as for the color of the towels, perhaps a dusky gray/blue?

  3. It looks wonderful! If it’s attached to the master bedroom, I believe it’s simply called a master bath, but I agree with Melissa, “ensuite” sounds much nicer! 😉

  4. I love it!! especially the idea of 2 shower heads – we have that and I love it!! You did an amazing job- colors for towels??? I would do tan or cream or grey – I say grey b/c it looks like some of the smaller tiles are a grey color!!I also love that big wide sink!!!

  5. Very nice makeover! What about plain white towels? I had always had colored towels until a friend convinced me to try white a couple of years ago, and I love them. You can put a little bleach in with them every time you wash, and they come out just gorgeous. Never get that washed out look that dark colored towels get as they fade. And they look so spa-like and sanitary.

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