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Christmas Baking on the 22nd Day of December

This morning, while our daughters had their last half day of school, my son and I did some baking flat pack assembly from Ikea!

We both had lots of fun, and made a bit of a mess, but were proud of our results.

This is the first time we had decorated a gingerbread house, and we cheated slightly by buying the pieces from Ikea.

It came with the Ikea wordless diagrams as usual, and fortunately all the required parts were included

It is not often you see an emporer penguin (obviously!) outside your gingerbread house, but it does help draw attention away from the wonky chimney.

Nothing quite says Christmas, peace on earth and goodwill to all men like a gingerbread house being attacked by two giant plastic dinosaurs!

Encouraged and inspired by our gingerbread success, we then went on to make Sugar Cookies for the first time. Never made them before, but often read about them on others blogs. I found a recipe with UK measurements and familiar ingredients, and ta-da……!

While my son was engrossed in something else this afternoon, I was able to play decorate my half of the cookies.

My son’s cookies will be decorated and demolished tomorrow.

So not very traditional Northern Irish Christmas baking here today, but a good day nonetheless.

What about you? Are you baking anything for Christmas?

In other news I have all the non-kids-in-our-family presents wrapped and under the tree. The rest won’t appear until Christmas Eve, as a stack of gifts might just be too tempting for some.

Tomorrow, which will be my S E V E N H U N D R E D T H post! Wow! I plan to share our Christmas Day menu with you …sure you can’t wait, and as promised, there will be a giveaway from Janmary Designs Jewelry too – see you there!

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  1. Your post made me smile tonite as I sit here in bed exhausted and trying to collect my thoughts. I’ve been so forgetful and air headed these past few days but it’s just bc I have so much going on and I’m tired
    I tod b we should hop on a flight to Belfast in the am – and just get away
    He was all for it
    Love the gingerbread house being attacked by dinosaurs
    Too funny
    So anxious to read about your Christmas menu
    And wishing I were there



  3. The frosting on your cookies is so perfect, mine was a mess….
    My daughter and the children make a gingerbread house from a kit each year and they line the top of the cabinets in her old house (now their house with Dad when they’re there)…..is yours edible?
    Mama Bear

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