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WFMW – Easy kids party food

For those unfamilar with this choice kids delicacy, served at most parties throughout UK and Ireland, I wish to introduce my bloggy friends to Marshmallow Top Hats, or as my son calls them Mushroom Hat Toppers.

I mentioned these in my Show and Tell on Friday, and have recieved several requests for the “recipe”.

The word “recipe” is in inverted commas, as it is so simple that it does not really qualify as a recipe, but here goes.

You need large marshmallows – about 1 inch cubes
Chocolate for melting – a large bar (baking chocolate with do, but any chocolate works)
Smarties (sweets similar to chocolate M&Ms but much nicer)
Small paper cases
Sugar strands (optional)

  • Melt chocolate
  • Dip in bottoms of marshmallows

  • Place in paper cases
  • Dab tiny bit of melted chocolate on top of each marshmallow
  • Add a smartie sweet to the top

  • Sprinke with sugar strands (optional!)

Viola! Easy peasy kids party food.

My kids love to make these, and consider it “baking” which lets me off the hook from proper baking too – so it is a win/win situation.

Warning – most children will probably suck the sweet off the top, and hand you the remains of the marshmallow and chocolate to “share” with you……you have been warned!!


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My son’s 4th birthday was a great success. He got a red bike and helmet, a red rocket ship and a black and red Playmobil Castle. Can you see a red theme developing here? Probably due to his red hair!

Here are a few photos of the birthday boys (my dad and son have there birthdays 70 years and 2 days apart!) and the birthday tea we had for them.

For more great WFMW head over to Shannon’s blog.

Come back soon.
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  1. Those look delicious and easy! Thank you for sharing with us.



  2. TOO CUTE! Love those little goodies!
    And the birthday’s…awesome. Nothing but warm fuzzies for the sweet pictures!

  3. Those marshmallow treats look incredible – I can totally see why kids would love them! (Though I’m not sure I agree with your assessment of Smarties :>)

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