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What I Learned this Week – Dublin edition

Currently blogging from Dublin – I have internet access but no way to download photos, so Dublin photo-extravaganza will have to wait

Lesson 1 I LOVE Dublin

oconnell bridge and st janmary blog

Lesson 2 I LOVE doing a House Swap (in Dublin!)

Lesson 3 I LOVE shopping in Dublin

Lesson 4 Doing a house swap is a great incentive to really clean your own home/cottage!

Lesson 5 I LOVE it when the kids share their Cadbury Easter Eggs with me 🙂

Over to you:-

  • Have you learned any lessons this week?
  • Where is your fave city to shop in?
  • Would you ever consider a house swap?

If so, where would you like to visit? (we arranged our house swap through Home Exchange, and you can see our cottage listing HERE.

We have a new host for What I Learned This Week – be sure to visit Julie and say Hi  🙂

PS I hate posts without photos – I may sneak back later and add a few!

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  1. I visited your home exchange website. Your cottage is lovely. I have always though that a home swap is a great idea. Unfortunately, I live in the southeast region of the US in a very rural area. I’m not sure that I would be close enough to any major attractions for a home exchange. Have fun on your holiday! Carla

  2. My uncle used to participate in house swaps, but he was in a very desirable tourist area. My house is a mess and circa 1980 that is deterrent enough. Maybe I need some coffee now to compensate for that!

  3. oh wow! i never thought about a home swap before – but now i am very intrigued. thanks for sharing and have a great time!!!

  4. We would love to house swap, only we rent so that would not work 🙁

    Dublin sounds wonderful, can’t wait to see your photos as they always reflect the magic of wherever you happen to be.

    We were away over the weekend at our folks, ate far to much but had a wonderful visit. I look forward to catching-back on your blog when I have my coffee.


  5. •Have you learned any lessons this week? – My lessons are posted obviously.

    •Where is your fave city to shop in?
    McDaddy took me to Minneapolis to the Mall Of America for our 10th Anniverary as a surprise. So far, it was my most favorite shopping adventure ever.

    •Would you ever consider a house swap?
    A house swap sounds fun. I might consider it.

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