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A long overdue update after mum’s stroke

Since mum took ill with a major stroke and I discovered how to post my daily iPhone photos to my blog, there hasn’t been very much blogging with words.

I miss writing/blogging but at least I am still capturing/recording daily life.

When mum first had her stroke I almost stopped blogging and capturing a daily photo ….. but so thankful I didn’t, for a number of reasons :

  • I can keep sharing my daily photos with my mum on my iPad when I visit her in the nursing home. I talk her through them, and she enjoys seeing them. Sometimes she manages a spontaneous word, and I also use them as prompts, helping her to say a few words.
  • I can share pics of mum and dad together with friends/family who aren’t able to visit (due to distance or their own health issues) but can see how they are both doing.

  • Mum has always hated having photos taken (I get it from her!) but now when I ask if I can take a photo and share it she nods and agrees – so thanks mum!
  • I can see for myself HOW much mum has improved since those early dark days in February



  • This extra time with mum since her stroke is special….a gift and a blessing….and I don’t want to take it for granted.
  • Continuing to take my iPhone photos gives me a daily creative outlet. I do miss expressing myself through writing but as things have settled down maybe I’ll get back to more …. watch this space!
  • It has also helped me realise that everyday life goes on, as I record the smaller and larger achievements of our kids, the daily routine…..everyday life captured.


So there you have it, a few words (for a change!) from me.

Thank you all for continuing to remember mum, dad and the rest of our family in your prayers ….. I have been overwhelmed by the love and support of others. “Thank you” just doesn’t cover it!

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