Utility room makeover – before and after

Last Monday I shared my kitchen makeover on Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naptimes. It was great to meet more new bloggers, all with a passion of home decor, and there is nothing like some before and after pics of a makeover.

I did not include our utility room in last week’s post. This is the small room which you come through to enter the kitchen from outside. It seems that in the US this would be your laundry room or maybe your mud room? It is still quite compact, and I had to stand OUTSIDE the room to take many of these photos!

Here it is now
Before the makeover it had some flimsy cupboards, some left over carpet tiles and inadequate storage. Very untidy baskets from Ikea on a shelf and lots of mess.

There was a dog-shaped (!) coat hook which was inadequate and too low down.

Now the units match the kitchen. I have much more storage, and the floor is very easy to keep clean. George the cat still sleeps here night, and he too seems to approvetoo.

We have moved the kids coats to this new row of coat hooks, which seems to make the room appear wider, and gives us more room in our downstairs cloakroom for visitors coats.

To summarise:
New units/cupboards
New flooring
New work tops
More electric sockets
New peg rail
New paint
New spotty brush and dustpan!

If you missed the kitchen makeover which I revealed last week, here is a peak at what you missed, but you can see it all HERE.
So do you have an extra room like our utility room, and if so, what is it called, and what do you put in it? Homes in different countries fascinate me!

For more Metamorphosis Monday be sure to visit Between Naptimes.

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  1. Hi !
    I think in the states we used to call it a utility room…now people have laundry rooms or
    mud rooms for the coats….
    Hugs ~ Kammy
    p.s. love the floor !

  2. we have a small laundry room off the kitchen, which holds our washer, dryer, hot water heater, and the dog’s kennel. Then we have a room off that, which is not air-conditioned. At one point, it must have been the backporch, but then was enclosed. so it has some storage shelves and holds our grilling supplies, a bucket full of outdoor gear, and a few other odds and ends.

    your remodel looks gorgeous!

  3. It looks really well, it would be great to have an extra room like that, even just for the wellies:) We’ve just picked up 3000 slates off freecycle and will definitely get the garage roof done this summer so I’ll be making a lot more use of that space once it’s all sorted. No more rusty shears and £30 lawnmowers (sorry husband).

  4. I wish I had a laundry room so I could decorate it too! Mine is a pass-through from the kitchen to the garage! You did a lot with this and added storage I’m sure you’ve come to appreciate. Great job!

  5. Your laundry room looks amazing! I know you are enjoying it. Your kitchen looks great too. I’m going to check out your post from last week now…

  6. This is a laundry room that I wouldn’t mind visiting. you’ve done a great job. Thanks for sharing on this Met Monday!

  7. I love it! It’s small, like my laundry room, but you’ve got a great use of space.

    I have a love/hate relationship with my laundry room. I hate it. I’d love to re-do it.

  8. All of the places in the US that I’ve been to say utility room for a laundry room (interchangeable) and the mud room is outside of your front or back door to remove shoes before entering the house. I want a mud room for all the snow we have here! I need to update my laundry room with a new utility sink and many other things!

  9. Its funny how a makeover of ANY room can cause one to want to linger in it. LOL. This is a wonderful ‘re-do’ and I’m sure it makes things a LOT easier.

    This week is starting to spin faster, I promise to stay in touch and let you know how things go.

    I was thinking about you this a.m. and so glad you’ve posted. Sorry if I am sporadic.

    ♥ Barb

  10. Looks great!! We’re also in the midst of a laundry room makeover — it’s been a work in progress for over a year. Ugh!!

    In Canada, we generally refer to this kind of room as a laundry room. Sometimes it’s called a mudroom, usually if there’s a door off of it to the outdoors or the garage.

    I just subscribed to your blog so I can keep up-to-date on your projects 🙂

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  11. my first visit to your blog… i absolutely love what you’ve done in your kitchen and laundry rooms… my laundry room is attached to my kitchen and i’ve been thinking of doing something similar… you have inspired me!

  12. Nice! I love the AFTER pics! I love makeovers but we are on a tight budget so no design fun for me right now! We did however just buy a new microwave and dishwasher…so I guess that is kind of like a makeover, haha

    Saw you on SITS and came by to say hi. I hope your son feels better soon!

  13. I agree homes in other countries fasinate me as well. Yours is beautiful!!!! You must be so pleased. I wish my laundry room was off of my kitchen it seams that it would be very handy!!

  14. your makeover turned out great!!

    It´s really fascinating to see other houses, countries and so on!

    we don´t have such a big utility room

  15. Thanks for the inspirational photos of your mudroom-I followed the link from TLC. Perhaps now I’ll get busy and repaint the walls and cabinets in our laundry/mudroom. blessings on your day!

  16. In South Africa we don’t have mud rooms, etc. But what is fairly common here in middle to upper class homes is a scullery off the kitchen – this is typically used for all the appliances and laundry paraphernalia (ironing board, etc).

    I have an odd home – very old so somewhat remodelled (not by us – we are terrible at DIY) and the previous owners extended the back of the house so on the one side of the passage is a kitchen and the other side has a laundry room and I’ll tell you… I LOVE MY LAUNDRY room. Still hate doing laundry but I love having a dedicated area for it! Although mine really needs an overhaul – proper tiling, shelves, rubbish chucked out, etc.

  17. My mom loves to redo rooms. She has redone her bedroom five times since we have been in the house. Change is nice and all but after a while I think it’s more trouble then it’s worth.

    -Mike of ontario honey

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