Happy St Patrick’s Day Giveaway and Recipes

The kids had a normal day at school, poor wee souls, while I got to go shopping in Belfast, and take one or two hundred photos of the St Patricks Day Carnival which had a “Spring” theme to the festivities.

Photos to follow – I promise.

If you missed my blogging carnival you can find it here – link up or leave a comment as there are great prizes to be won!

This quick post is just to let you know of a couple of things happening which might just interest you.

Firstly Creative Junkie has a giveaway featuring ME and my online store www.janmarydesigns.com.

For those of you of a sensitive disposition (including my Dad “Hi Dad!”) you can safely visit her blog today as she especially tried to keep it clean. If you leave her a comment, telling her when you last saw a rainbow you could win a $50 spending spree in my store.

Secondly, among the many St Patrick’s Day posts and carnivals I came across at The Daily Spud and I joined in with my Ulster Fry (aka a heart attack on a plate!)

and is not to be missed, especially if you are a foodie lover – there are mstore irish recipes than you could throw a leprechaun at!

Hope you have all had a wonderful St Patrick’s Day, and as they say “Everyone is Irish on 17th March!”

7 thoughts on “Happy St Patrick’s Day Giveaway and Recipes”

  1. Caution Flag

    I’ve never seen this many people become Irish! We live in an eastern European area where most of the kids have to translate for their parents, but today? All Irish!

  2. I missed St Pats day???? Not sure how that happened – well I was interstate and very occupied but still!

  3. Man alive! You fit more into two days post than I fit in a month of mine – and its ALL interesting. hahaha! I`m having blog post envy, a terrible syndrome.

    Nah, I am really really looking forward to seeing your carnival pics. And I am still craving the ulster fry thing.

    We are having apple pie for dinner. Just apple pie, can`t see eating an entire dinner just to justify the pie.

    Well, this is a boring comment but I`m sure you treasure each and every one. Right. I`m sure you do. I may be deluded but I do. haha.

  4. Hi JanMary,
    I found your blog through Mille Fiori Favorati, who very generously answered a question I posed to another blogger, when that blogger didnt answer me!
    I live in the USA, in the midwest, but our roots are very Irish. So I am very happy to find your blog today! And in our family we dont pinch those who dont wear green or eat corned beef either. Half of the lot of us have ginger colored hair too and I think its stunningly beautiful! (Any one who doesn’t like red hair must be secretly jealous of it-lol)

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