9th day of December – Christmas baking

Before you give me any credit for the following food I must tell you, NONE of it is mine!

I love to cook, but even with my lovely new oven, I am still not a fan of baking.

My Mum however, does wonderful cooking AND baking.  Frequently when she visits she brings along some yummy goodies, and I especially love it when she does her forentines, mocha chocolate balls, and shortbread.

As we are having our church group here tonight, to share some thoughts on Advent, chances are there won’t be any left to photograph, so I made sure I photographed them BEFORE our guests arrive!

So here is what you would be served in our house, along with tea, coffee or Marks and Spencers non-alcholic mulled punch. It is delicious served warm, and fills the house with wonderful aromas.


mocha fudge balls (dipped in chocolate with a walnut on top)

 and my Mum’s florentines – which are legendery among my friends!

I have a growing collection of festive plates to serve food on at Christmas time – nothing expensive, just the odd plate or bowl I have picked up over the past few years. So here is the plate without the goodies to eat …. I know which way I prefer the plate to be!!!

So do you have any special recipes you bake have baked for you at Christmas time? (Thanks Mum)

And do you have any special plates/dishes you keep for Christmas?

As always, I want to know 🙂

If you think my blog is looking a bit minimalist and sparse, I have been having a few blogging issues, and in an effort to resolve them have removed some of the “clutter”. If you have any trouble with reading or commenting on my blog, I really appreciate being told so I can panic do something about it!

Finally, remember that bidding has opened in the Charity Auction for some great causes, and you can bid on my Celtic Mist Bracelet HERE  from janmary designs– bid early and bid often!!!

Come back tomorrow for more blogging about Christmas.

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  1. Oh my word that looks yummy. I want to come for a visit while it’s still around. 🙂
    For some reason your site isn’t opening for me most days. Any suggestions? You put out such fun stuff I hate to miss a day.

  2. Yum…I don’t have anything in particular we cook/bake for the holidays. I do try to do some sort of seafood and pasta on Christmas eve though.

    PS: The site seems to be ok for me. I did not get any pop ups when I clicked on comment.

  3. Shortbread is my very very favorite…and if your mum wanted to share her recipe that would be ever so nice of her. Oh…and while I was in Ireland in August I ate nothing for breakfast but brown bread and butter and tea.
    Do you have a good Irish recipe for brown bread? I can’t seem to find a good one over here. I have found Lyon’s tea though and Kerry Gold butter…and so I am somewhat content.

  4. ALL of those sound delicious even though I don’t know what florentines are!

    I always make an easy chocolate-covered toffee which is addictive. Then I have several favorites that I rotate every couple of years, and I try at least one new thing every year. My mom always bakes sugar cookies from scratch and decorates them with my kids.

    Shoot, now I’m hungry!

  5. How nice that she shares with you. My Daughter and I do that. She hasn’t started baking yet but today I made Peanut Butter Blossoms today. I have at least two more types of cookies I want to make.
    This cold is slowing me down, though.
    I have some platters that are Christmas scenes in the glass. Today, I bought a cheap set of Christmas dishes and some red plates.
    I also keep some cheap plastic ones to put goodies on as gifts so the plate doesn’t have to be returned.
    Mama Bear

  6. ohhhh…those goodies are so yummy!! i love baking but i am not good at it! i am planning to make some this christmas and i don’t know if i will be successful.
    and those christmas plates are adorable. i have some red plates and i plan to take them out this christmas to use. my husband doesn’t really understand why i had to buy them…hahaha. i will try to take some photos of our christmas dinner with friends.

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