On 8th December – nesting Santas, a birthday and lessons learned

Last year I had two nesting Santa sets to share with you.

this year …. THREE!

Here they are all together

So, when does a collection become an obsession?!!

As you can see George, the cat, was not remotely impressed by nesting Santas or the Christmas tree, but he did oblige me with a few photos.

On to lessons learned

1.Where have 10 years gone? – at 2.02 pm, 10 years ago today, our middle child entered the world.  Here she is at 7am – checking out her presents.

She is quiet and fiesty, feircely independant and extremely loyal, and one of the sweetest most caring kids I know (not that I am biased!)

3. It can be tough having a birthday so close to Christmas – she has double the cards!

2. When you have a 10 year old, she loves the fact that she can light the candles (under supervision!) and serve the cake to everyone.  I love the fact that she now chooses a delicious chocolate cake instead of a not-so-nice plain cake just because it looks like a Barbie/Hannah Montana 

3. It IS possible to assemble Ikea flat-pack furniture without marital disharmony…..just saying!

4. I am SO PROUD of my new online shop www.janmarydesigns.com.  It is great to see a dream become a reality, (thanks to Cathy at Desparately Seeking WordPress) so I hope you will pop over for a visit, and maybe even sign up for my newsletter.

Enough lessons/photos from me, accept to say, there will be an online aution tomorrow in aid of some great causes close to many bloggers hearts.

I have dontated this green bracelet so if you want to get involved, the item will be auctioned  HERE tomorrow, and you can fin our more details of the charities here.

See you back here tomorrow  – daily December blogging continues!Remember – if you are have a Christmas Nativity set, please join the party here and share it on 21 December (button in the sidebar)

For more lessons learned, visit Jo-Lynne

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  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! The nesting Santas are beautiful and your jewelry is divine!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your 10 year old – she’s beautiful. I love all your nesting Santas. I’ve been looking to add a set to my Santa collection. And congrats on your store!!

  3. Hi all, JANMARY here. Having some issues with blogger and readers not able to comment and with un-wanted popup ads appearing.

    If YOU are having issues, PLEASE try again, and email to let me know so I can get to the bottom of this.

  4. Happy birthday to your ten year old! She’s a full fledged tween now. You’re in for some fun!

    Congrats as well on your shop – I wish you much success, JM – your jewelry is so dang pretty!

  5. oh…happy birthday to your ten year old!! she is so pretty!
    those nesting santas are cute!! i will try to look around to find those too.
    congratulations again on your on line store! goodluck to your auction..

    take care always!!

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