15th of December – Festive Flowers (and lesson learned)

Like many mums when I stopped work (or should that be paid employment outside the home! I still work but without pay) I miss out on a staff Christmas party. Not that these were particular highlights of the season but it was still an enjoyable night out.

For the past few years our church toddler group has organised a mums(and grannies and child minders) night out/in and we had our Christmas one last night. Although I no longer have a toddler I still get invited and at least fulfill the role of official photographer.

We usually do some craft and food – cards, jewellery, candles….this year we did a  festive flower arrangement and desserts.

It took me back to my teenage years and my days of flower arranging with my mum (you can tell I was such a rebel!). I probably haven’t used oasis etc in over 20 years – these days flowers get arranged in a tall glass vase ( if they are lucky!)

Enough rambling and reminiscing …

Back to last night.

We really enjoyed being creative, or copying others creativity!!

Here are our efforts – I think most of us surprised ourselves which our attempts, and we certainly had a good laugh too.

And here was our delicious supper  (well, just part of it!)

So what is your best Christmas night out? Please share.

So lesson learned this week? – don’t know those activities/crafts you used to enjoy, because given the right supplies and a child-free zone to try them, you might just enjoy them again.

For more lessons learned, please visit Jo-Lynne.

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  1. those decorated candles are so lovely!! i believe you’ve all done a wonderful job!! and love those desserts..really yummy! as for me…night-outs? you mean just me? i can’t remember the last time ‘I’ went out to enjoy. i don’t mind. but more gatherings are coming up!! i will be sharing them soon!!

  2. My favorite holiday parties are my husband’s work parties. His boss and boss’s wife are friends of ours and their gatherings are so cozy and relaxed 🙂
    Those arrangements are very pretty.

  3. Hi there,
    you visited my blog for the Boo Mama’s Christmas tour last year, and I thought I’d pop over again to see what you had been up to. I’m so glad that I did! These table decorations are gorgeous – and is that a pavlova for dessert? As an Australian living in New Zealand (both countries claim ownership of that dish) – I am most impressed!
    Merry Christmas!



  4. I miss the office holiday parties! I know they’re a PITA when you’re actually obligated to go, but when you’re stuck home with hardly any communication with the outside world, a holiday party is like New Year’s Eve on steroids.

  5. Hi hope you are well – I havent’ commented in a while but I still read you faithfully.
    Trying to stay sane this holiday season –
    I did a post on Irish food today and thought you might enjoy it.
    I wish you and your family a merry christmas.

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