14th of December – letters and a visit to Santa

It is always a sense of relief when Santa letters are composed and dispatched in this house, as it means there can be no last minute pressure on Santa to deliver a certain toy when he is certain all his shopping is done for the year!

This year requests were minimal and I am sure Santa is as pleased as I am.

Yesterday was designated Santa Letter writing day.

I was pleased to photograph all 3 kids in the one photo – one is no longer writing his letter, but he had a wee bit of help from me.

As we had planned a trip to a local farm, my son decided he would deliver his in person. My daughters prefer to leave them by the chimney.

At the farm my son loved the animals, the tractor ride and the Santa story about how the reindeer on this very farm we were visiting had helped Santa last Christmas.

We then went for a torch lit walk around the farm, feeding the reindeer and seeing the other animals.

There was even a Nativity Scene, including real donkies in the stable, and a star above.

Santa himself happily received the letter, and my 2 older daughters just about coped with the whole event for their wee brother’s sake!

My eldest daughter and I then made a dash for our church, where her senior school choir was holding a carol service.  Much to my surprise (as I would never have done this) my daughter had auditioned (age nearly 12) to sing a solo verse, with the SENIOR choir (aged 16 – 18!), and was selected.  Personally, I could never have done that at her age, nor would I want to now!

I think I held my breath for the entire verse, as her voice rang out around the church.  Definitely a proud mummy moment.

(Sorry for the poor image, taken with my iphone during the quick rehersal before the service)

On Tuesday evening she will be repeating her performance in our local cathedral – and my husband will be attending to hear her next time when she will also be singing as part of the junior choir., while our son and I attend another carol service to hear our middle daughter at her Girls Brigade Carol Service. 

So that is you up to date.

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7 thoughts on “14th of December – letters and a visit to Santa”

  1. Congratulations to your daughter! that’s wonderful. I sang solos as a teenager, and I loved it although I got positively sick every time, lol. And I love the Santa writing photos. How sweet.

  2. what a beautiful nativity picture you have there!! and your daughter is so brave!! congratulations and i am proud of her too! she looked all confident up there.

  3. Congrats to your daughter for trying out AND getting the part. I’m sure you are one proud mommy…as you should be. I’m not able to keep up everyday, but I’m loving this series. You are a blessing, lovely lady. 🙂

  4. I was at both concerts (and singing in the senior choir) that ‘oldest child’ was sing at! She sung beautifully and did our whole choir proud!! I heard many lovely comments after the service! :]

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