Wish you were here – Mini adventures Part 1

Hi all

I (Mini-Mum) am guest blogging on JanMary’s blog today, so not only are we house guests but blogging guests too!

Today we went the the beach at Portballintrae – it was sunny but very windy, and we seemed like we would be blown away at any moment.

Family photo

Mini-Max looking over a cliff stone into a deep ravine rock pool!

Exploring the rocks (with a bit of a ‘bad hair’ day!):

Why is it husbands everywhere insist on wearing their shoes on the beach, with their trouser legs rolled up, and there skinny white legs on show to the world …. or maybe that is just my husband?!!!

Of course the kids insisted on burying Dad up to his neck, and he didn’t seem to mind … MUCH!

And finally, the view:

Settling in well here at the cottage, although slightly wary of George the cat – he is HUGE

Will post again soon with another update of our holiday here in N Ireland.

In the mean time greetings to all our friends at John Crane Toys

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  1. This had me in stiches I love hubby on the beach!! Well done, off to look at the other post now xx

  2. I got a truckload of giggles from this post! Many thanks to Mini Mum for this guest blog!

  3. happy holidays – enjoy the time in your cottage!

    What a special and funny post, love the idea!

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