Easy to make Teacher Gifts and Growing Up Fast!

This year we made the same teacher gifts as last year for my son’s teacher and classroom assistant.

For each vase you need

  • a straight drinking glass
  • about 30 new pencils per vase (more than you think!)
  • some blue tac
  • a glue gun (I assume most glues would work, but I like to live dangerously!)
  • some flowers
  • the patience of a saint (if you have an enthusiastic 5 year old helper)

Easy to make, as long as you remain IN CHARGE of the glue gun and I find it works better to attach the pencils to the drinking glass using blue-tac first. 

Remove 2 or 3 pencils at a time, dab on too much some glue and attach the pencils.

Allow glue to dry, add flowers and water, and maybe attach some ribbon.

So another school year is over, and my first year of having all three at school.

Here are my kids way back in September

And now at the end of June

Eldest daughter was delighted to have missed another opportunity to have her photo taken, especially in her beloved school uniform!

Is school finished where you live?

Finally an item from my www.janmarydesigns.com collection – a crocheted cuff bracelet

These will be available to order soon from £15 with FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the world!

Take care until next time

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  1. So I was right about the colored pencils but didn’t know what they were used for! Fabulous idea!

    Love the pictures of the children–your oldest looks just like you. I’m sure you both hear that one alot.

    That cuff bracelet is to die for! Love it!

  2. You must be reading my mind! I have been thinking about teachers gifts all week. Our last day is Thursday. Great idea with the pencils…I am definitely going to try this one!

    Your cuff bracelet is lovely too!


  3. Love the teacher gifts – what a wonderful idea!!School here has been out for almost a month – so this weekend the stores put out all the new school supplies since kids return next month – it’s a bit different here then your calendar.
    Hope your eldest is feeling better – bummer since you are away too-
    having a good weekend here w/ family- so glad everything is over and hopefully life can return to semi-normal
    wish I were at the cottage w/ you though!!!

  4. Hey – that is an adorable gift idea!

    Summer vacation is in full swing here. It’s only 10:35 am and already, I think I’ve heard WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TODAY about 73 times.

  5. You’re game, glue guns and five year olds in the same room:) It’ll be a week into the Summer hols tomorrow and already I’m trying to teach Chloe to call me Leanne just to get a break from hearing “Mummeeeeeee”:)

  6. great artwork! Love all your ideas!

    we have still school until the end of July. Then a break of 6 weeks until the middle of September

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