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The beach, 300 year old beech trees and a giveaway!

We are half-way through our half-term Halloween holiday, and it seems an appropriate time for an update with photos and some digital scrapbook layouts too,

The weather has changed to wintry, with the first snow in Northern Ireland in October for 25 years! The winds have been very strong and my 4 year old complained about the wind is being too noisy, and could I get Jesus to turn off the fan in the sky!

So far we have only been on the beach once (Runkerry Strand, Portballintrae, near Bushmills), and there were some wonderful breakers.

I received an email from Barbs in Canada, asking me if I had even been to a place called Dark Hedges as she had come across a picture of it, giving it’s location as Co Antrim. I had vaguely heard of it, but always up for a challenge, we went to look for it yesterday.

Only had a few minutes to photograph it, as it was bitterly cold, but I plan to return during the different seasons. They are a tunnel of 300 year old beech trees, on a quiet county road, and not the sort of place you would find easily! Beautifully unspoilt, and very atmospheric.

Finally for now, a couple of digital scrapbook layouts to share. (Click for credits)

Finally, if you have not entered my Giveaway at JM Digital Designs – WHY NOT?!!! The giveaway ends on Friday, so don’t delay.

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Planning a Halloween post on Friday, as well as a literary Show and Tell.

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13 thoughts on “The beach, 300 year old beech trees and a giveaway!”

  1. I’ve never even heard of Dark Hedges. It looks like the kind of place someone may have left a geocache. I’ll have a look and see if there is one, at least that way I’ll have a waypoint and should be able to find it easier. It looks lovely.

  2. Creative Junkie

    holy cow, that tunnel picture is UNREAL. It’s simply gorgeous!

    We got our first snow today as well – sigh. I’m dragging out the coats and mittens and boots.


  3. Ladybug Graphix

    OMG!!! Those photos are fabulous…. Ireland is one of my dream vacations too…. (my hubby looks at me crosseyed tho… I’m Italian, and Italy isn’t on top ) LOL LOL Simply gorgeous…. Great layouts too!!! Have an awesome day…. 🙂 🙂

  4. Wow what great photos, I love the one where the trees made a tunnel. One of these days my DH and I really need to do some serious traveling now that we are retired.

  5. Hail Mary! Those are amazing photos of the beech trees. You could seriously turn those into some sort of canvas and sell thousands on Etsy.

  6. JanMary –

    your photos are SIMPLY SIMPLY STUNNING!

    I am still amazed we saw the same sets of photos, which caused you to seek these out. I wish I could have been there with you. Incredible.

    I can’t decide whether I like the color or b&w better, they both have a different quality than the other.

    Wonderful layouts, as well. I suspect dd has the same smile as you did at her age. You caught her smiling from her eyes, as well as her mouth.

    There’s an award waiting for you on my blog today.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I haven’t been to a beach since we went on vacation last year, so those pictures really made me miss it! Gorgeous!

  8. Your pictures are so beautiful. Out here in the flat midwest, it’s difficult to find such beauty. We were hoping to come to Ireland in July with my daughter’s irish dance school, but the cost is outrageous mostly due to airfare so I’ll have to settle for your pics. 🙁

  9. CJ, the Purple Diva

    I wish I could go there! It looks so beautiful!

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