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Sunny Saturday in Spring

How’s that title for a bit of alliteration?!!

One of the newest, largest and well equipped playgrounds in Northern Ireland has to be Wallace Park in Lisburn (although we might be slightly biased!).

wallace pk j 6 4w (Small)

Here are a few images from this morning’s adventure in the park.

wallace pk j 2 4w (Small) (1)


wallace pk j 5 4W (Small)

There are some novel features I haven’t seen elsewhere – the iplay!

wallace pk j 8 4W (Small)

It’s similar to the Bop-it toy – you can choose the level and numbers of players, then instructions are called out – Spin it, Pull it, Stamp it, Twirl it etc.

If you are very lucky you get to play it on your own, but usually a number of kids join in, and everyone keeps it going, and it becomes increasingly difficult until all “lives” are lost and a score is given.

Other popular parts of the park are the swings and slides, climbing frames and tunnels – with different areas for each age group.

wallace pk j 7 4w (Small) (1)

There is an improved car park, and it’s very close to the train station to very accessible. If you live in N Ireland and haven’t checked it out yet, you really should.

 wallace pk j 3 4w (Small) (1)

So where is your favourite park? How have you spent your Saturday?

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  1. Every time I come here I think… I just KNOW I would love to spend time with Jan and her family!! 🙂 Love those big smiles!


  2. I love parks too – would you think less of me? Its wonderful cities plan to have shared space to be enjoyed by all. Thanks for taking us along.

    Love, Barb

  3. what a very interesting park!! we haven’t discovered any interesting park here in toronto… we plan to when spring is ‘really’ here. i do miss the parks we learned to love in paris…(sigh). well… wish us luck on our searh here!!

  4. i havent seen any kiddy parks like that lately – you guys are state of the art in parks I guess
    Looks like the kids had a blast –
    Parks are one of my favorite spots to do kid’s portraits though – they are usually really relaxed and all about having fun there!!

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