I Heart Faces – Constructive Feedback Friday

I am taking part in I Heart Faces Constructive Feedback Friday.

Here is an original photo, in all it’s unedited glory. It is my daughter on the beach one evening last week, here in Northern Ireland, as the light was fading.

I have a Canon 400D (Rebel xti) and I use PSE 7.

Here are a few of my attempts to work with this photo.

First I did what I normally do to most photos – tweak the levels a bit, then adjust the opacity of both a screen level and soft light.

Next I went back to the original and warmed the skin tone slightly, but not sure if I overdid it?

I ran a coffee shop action – little perk – on this one.

Thought I would try black and white,

So, what would YOU do?

As I look at all these images, anything (apart from the B&W conversion) seems very subtle. Maybe I need to be a bit more adventurous! Let me know please.

ALL constructive criticism welcome.

Thanks so much, I really appreciate the advice.

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  1. I think you could be more adventurous! I would lighten up the fill lights some more just to remove some of the shadow. I would also tighten the crop. Since her feet arent’ visible you could bring the top and right down more as well. I like the coffee shop action. You could also try a cooler version of the picture or get really funky with an action from Totally Rad Actions, set 2 (free download)

  2. Wow, this is really beautiful…your daughter, the setting, the light. So nice.

    I also like your editing. I like the warmer tones to the skin, since it is at sunset. I would take some of the red tint out of the photo. You could use an action to do this, or make a curves adjustment layer and adjust the red channel.

    I wouldn’t mind a little more light on her face, maybe turned just a bit to the light. I know it’s tricky, but with practice, it can be so beautiful!

    I usually add more contrast and more sharpness, but there is no right or wrong. Experiment with different looks, but what makes you happy is probably your own style. This is a lovely photo, and if you want to be more adventurous, that’s just fine, too.

    I did crop like Catharine suggested, since her feet weren’t quite right in the frame.

    You can see how I might have edited your photo here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/artfromtheheart/3707749102/

    Not so different from yours, I think! I added contrast and sharpness with some actions from Totally Rad Actions Set 2 ( The Revenge).

    Thank you for sharing this lovely photo of your pretty daughter! We’re all always learning and growing, but you should be proud of your photography skills!

  3. I am not such a great editor, but I adore your picture. She is a sweetie for sure. I hope you get lots of great ideas this week : )

  4. I have a thing about B&W. For some reason they appeal to me best. Hello from Charlotte NC! πŸ™‚

  5. I love the very first edit you did. It looks completely professional and I want to know how to do that!!!! Did you edit is photoshop?? I know its says PS7, what is that?? Compatible with my CS4?? I want to cahnge the opacity just like you did…where the heck is that??!?!?!

    lol Great job my dear!

    God bless-

  6. Ooo, another CoffeeShop lover πŸ™‚

    I used one on this, too, but I love the dreamy look in her eyes, so went with a dreamier coloring to match. I’m usually a huge color saturation person, too, so this was a switch for me πŸ™‚ I used the collection call “CoffeeShop Vivid” and chose the “Urban” option. I think I also ran a little wee bit of noise reduction first, though…



  7. My favorite is the B/W and the color original. I almost never do anything “Photoshoppy” with my photos. I like to do all the editing behind the lens at the time I take it.

  8. hi janmary!! i sure did miss visiting your blog> sorry i have been gone for a while… was really busy with our trip. we are here in the philippines safe and sound…but my dad is not really doing ok. anyway, i love that picture of your daughter…i would say i love it the way it is!!! but the b&w will be my second choice. well, i hope everything is well in your side of the world.

  9. I’m not really the person to ask for advice on photoshop, although I think that there would be very little that you could do wrong with a photograph like that. Its perfect as is:)

  10. Thanks for coming to visit my blog-I love these photos, I like the last one with the action applied. But I’m certainly no digital expert, not even close! It’s a beautiful photo!

  11. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Such a beautiful photo (and daughter), I love it! It’s amazing what a difference the little changes make. I really need to learn how to use my Photoshop. πŸ™‚

  12. Okay, I’m not much of a photographer, though I love taking them. I love this photo. You captured a wistful expression. I like the second one or the first one you tweaked and the B&W. Does she have red hair? I love red hair. Hardly anyone in our family has red hair.
    Mama Bear

  13. Love that photo, JanMary … there’s not much I’d do with it. I might bump up the contrast a bit and I’d probably apply the rosegold action from Photoblast – it’s my all-time favorite action and I use it all the time. I love it even more than black and white.

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