Lessons Learned – I will survive!

Lesson 1

I will survive!

This is how I felt after I survived doing the “weekly big food shop” this morning with all THREE kids! To my amazement, there was no blood, only a few tears (and none of those were mine) and despite allowing free reign in the breakfast cereal aisle we did not even spend any more than usual!

The choosing there own breakfast cereal is a real treat, and I cannot foresee a time in the near or distant future when I will allow Coco Pops, Choclate Wheetos and Golden Nuggets ALL to appear in my shopping trolley. It was a moment of weakness, and I am sure they will survive the temporary sugar rush.

A few other non-essential items made it into the trolley, but all things considered, not too bad.

I am one of these sad people you quite enjoy a wee dander up and down the aisles of a supermarket as long as I am ON MY OWN. If I am likely to have the kids with me, I would opt to shop on-line. Although it is great to have all the items delivered right to your kitchen table ready to put in the cupboards, it is just not the same somehow. This week, the internet order did not get placed, and as the title says “I survived”!

Lesson 2

I love craft shops and craft classes. On Saturday, when all in America were celebrating 4th July, I was up to my ears and eyes in knots, beads and glue.

This is what I made, and I predict you will see some similar items in an Etsy store near you sometime soon! Hello to all the ladies at the class – they may visit as my blog is linked to the craft shop blog Crafters and Co.

Lesson 3

I love CSSM.

This is probably quite similar to VBS in America, except that they are usually held for 2 weeks in holiday resorts, and are led by young volunteers who are giving up their summer holidays.

This year, for the first time, ALL 3 kids can attend the afternoon sessions. Even though they are held in different venues (on the beach and in a variety of church halls) it was quite something to be child free for an hour an a half this afternoon. I spent most of it in a second hand book shop, and I will share my purchases later in the week, but to give you a hint, they are not books, and will be used to decorate the cottage!

Back to CSSM, it would be possible for my older 2 kids to be literally involved with it morning, afternoon and evening with activities, but we restrict it to 2 events per day. It is great to see all the kids so enthusiastic about attending, learning more about Jesus, singing and having fun.

Lesson 4

My husband does not read my blog – he only looks at the pictures! He confessed this at the weekend. Am I alone? Does your other half read your blog at all? Or just look at the pictures. I am not going to mention to him that I am including this lesson and as there is no photo, he probably won’t even realise I am blogging about him!!! So really I could say what I want about him here, and he would be none the wiser!

So those are my lessons this week. How about you – learned anything?

To find out what others learned this week, be sure to visit JoLynne at Musings of a Housewife.

Finally, just want to share my latest digital scrapbooking layouts – I have not been posting them here as much as I used to.

LOVE you comments, so feel free to leave some!

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  1. Hi there I love online shopping and get the supermarket order every week this way. It means I budget better, impulse buy less and the kids can do other stuff!

    Love you lessons learnt and your scrapbook layouts. I have just started experimenting with digital scrapbooking and really love it but there is so much to learn!
    Love your blog, it is gorgeous.
    Collette xxx

  2. Oh I love wandering the aisles, but as you say ON MY OWN. The Christmas shop is the best, I can spend hours on end happily dandering up and down and back and forward planning everything in my head and then forgetting to buy half the ingredient:)

    Very, very occassionally the husband will read mine. Very occassionally!

  3. love the beads!

    my kids are with me almost every time we grocery shop and giving them tasks seems to really help keep the from being loud and having a bit too much fun. glad all survived.

  4. I love your scrapbook pages! I used to scrapbook, but blogging took over my time. Is digital a lot faster? I might be able to do it, if it didn’t take so long!

  5. Great layouts – what program do you use? My husband doesn’t read the blog either…that why I can post all these silly things about him and he’s none the wiser.

  6. My husband has a sixth sense about when I’ve mentioned him in my blog. The only posts he seems to read are the ones in which I’ve mentioned him, and then he complains that I’m making him look bad. Men.

  7. My husband reads some, not all of my posts. And he enjoys pointing out my typos.

    I love how you call your shopping cart a trolley.

    And that necklace is DIVINE!! I’m still enjoying my bracelet. 🙂

  8. Love the necklace, totally with you in that Lesson and with the husby not reading your posts! Not so keen on supermarkets, even when I am on my own, prefer stationary shops…! Another great blog x

  9. When I read that your husband only looks at the picture I LAUGHED OUT LOUD! My hubby does that too!

    Great layout pages… just gorgeous!

    God bless-

  10. My husband reads my blog and checks my stats! He’s my most loyal reader! He says it’s just one more way to keep up with what I’m thinking about.

    p.s. I love how you use the word “wee.” We use “tiny” and “little” but I like “wee.” I’m going to look for opportunities to use it!

  11. OK – first of all, I smiled at your “trolley” and “wee dander up and down” … can you just fly over here and talk to me for a full week?

    My husband doesn’t read my blog AT ALL. At first I was insulted but now, I feel liberated to blog about stuff I may not have otherwise.

    Love your layouts!

  12. i love your scrapbook pages. i haven’t gotten into digital scrapbooking, but i sure have thought about. your pages are inspirint and lovely! my fav is the one of your husband and son :O)

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