Project 365 – here we go again!

So I am trying again ….. to take a photo every day for the year.

This year it will be all on my iphone/instagram but I plan to share the images here on my blog too.

I might post each day, but I will probably post a few at a time, as I am doing in this post.Some days I may even have more than 1 photo!

Day 1/365

(Ok I have FOUR for today!)

Happy New Year

 Watching New Years Eve celebrations on TV

Some bits and pieces that make our holiday cottage a home

 and finally, welcome to Tesco’s (I assume they fixed the sign quickly!)


 Day 2/365

Packing away the Christmas decorations

 Day 3/365

Bird Watching

Are you planning to take part in the challenge of a photo a day? Let me know!

4 thoughts on “Project 365 – here we go again!”

  1. Um, definitely not. It did my head in a few years back – I started taking pics of my feet in bed at night when I realised it was 11 pm and nothing for the day…………..but I must say I do probably take pics most days with the iphone….

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