iPhone Friday – using Phonto to add text

Today, on this very snowy MARCH day (when will winter ever be over? – my wee daffodils are buried under the snow!) I plan to share my favourite way to add text to an iphone photo – Phonto, but first a pic of our walk to school this morning

App of the Week – Phonto

Here are a few of my images using Phonto to add text

There are lots of fonts already available to use with Phonto, but my font-celebrity friend Kimberly Geswein shared how to download and install ANY font available for download.  (Kimberly is a talented font designer, with over 25 million downloads of her fonts on dafont.com alone!)

She wrote a blog post about how to do it using the Dropbox app. It takes a wee bit of effort, but it is worth it, especially if you are tired of Comic Sans or Papyrus

The best thing of all for me is that not only can I install any of Kimberly’s lovely fonts, but I am especially keen on a font called Contrary Mary – because it’s my own handwriting – literally!!! (it’s had over 22,000 downloads!)

You can also add shapes such as speech bubbles (as shown above) and use plain backgrounds as well as photos.

So although you probably won’t have your own personal font, I am sure you can imagine lots of fun to play with and be creative, even if you just use the pre-installed fonts.

Do you add text to your iPhone pics? Which app do you like to use?

To finish this week’s iPhone Friday, a few more images from the past 7 days through my instagram feed

(feel free to follow me on Instragram – I’m Janmary – hint!)

If you want to join in by linking up to any of your iphone images this week, you can add your link below, or use the hastag #iPhoneFriday on your instagram photos.

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  1. Font celebrity in the house! haha, you’re too cute! Thanks for the shout out! And you’re quite the jewelry celeb yourself!

  2. Thanks for sharing these apps 🙂 Does Phonto also do watermarks? What is your recommendation for adding watermarks to iPhone photos?


  3. You are too cute!!! I have the font thing (of my own handwriting) on my 38 things list but either it’s not cute enough or something because no one wants to do it 🙂

  4. My little K wants to know what “that boy’s name is” (your son)

    I told her I’d write you a note 🙂

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iphone Friday

One month complete – only another 11 to go!

Anyone else taking a photo a day in 2013? Do let me know.

I must tell you it is SO much easier doing it with my iphone this year. When I have tried before with my Canon DSLR it was such a faff remembering to take the pics, download them to my laptop, upload them to wherever (facebook etc) ….. I MUCH prefer doing the capturing, editing and sharing all on my iphone within a couple of minutes.

This is my summary for January 2013

using my Iphone App of the Week InstaCC (the CC stands for Calendar and Challenges on Instagram) – and what makes it even better – it’s free!


There are a number of Project 365 apps out there, but this is my favourite, as it automatically adds your images from Instagram each day, even when you have uploaded more than one – they are all there in date order.

Here is a screenshot from my iphone to illustrate this:

It is super easy to use, and I just love the clean simple style.

There are lots of challenges and prompts you can join in with, but for me just taking a photo a day is enough of a challenge for me and I love the way it displays my images automatically from my Instagram feed.

If you are already using InstaCC, let me know.

Any other apps out there that enhance your iphone photography experience? Do share.

On to a few of my own favourite iphone pics of the week:

I love the texture on this wall across from our church on Sunday morning

This next one has to be my favourite image of the week – my Dad and his namesake, my son, 70 years difference in age, but intently sorting out coins for a school project.  In the past I would have got out my Canon, but these days my go-to camera is my iphone, especially for capturing candid moments like this.

Finally, just to prove you can take photos at any time, day or night, for your daily photo, I took this pic of the darkness at 2am, when I was wide awake, unable to sleep!

So over to you, have you any iphone pics from your week to share? You can join in by
adding your link below

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  1. Yes, yes and yes.

    I did a P 365 project before with a point and shoot – such a schlep with all the downloading, compressing, blogging.

    I’m unofficially doing a P365 again but the minute I announce it it will be doomed to fail 🙁 so I’m not saying anything. Actually I need to get over myself 🙂

    I’m using Project 365 app which I also love but it doesn’t store your pics automatically. I’ll take screenshots.

  2. Ohhh oh oh i am THIS close to joining in. Haha, next week perhaps? Your photos are incredible.

    Is someone collecting pennies?

    thanks so much for sharing. Got a good giggle on the middle of the night one!

    ♥ Barb

  3. I found your blog via your comment on A Beach Cottage. I’ve tried my own iPhone Friday before, but had no where to link up to… You’ve inspired me to do it again and possibly link up here. 🙂 Hopefully, I won’t forget by next Friday! 😉 In the meanwhile, I’d love for you to check out my blog: http://www.CaptureTheLittleThings.blogspot.com
    Great photos, by the way!

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Iphone Friday

For 2013, as well as taking a daily photo on my iphone, I plan to have a weekly series on using your iphone – hence iphone Friday!

I will share a few of my images from each week and also include a review of some of my favourite iphone photography apps, and maybe some other resources too.

Feel free to join me each Friday and link up in the comments.

My iphone images of this week

all taken up on the north coast of Northern Ireland


Apps of the week

To Capture

My primary camera app on my iphone is currently ProCamera

I use it both to take photos and to do some basic editing/tweaking – no more than about 10 seconds on an image! It gives me control over focus and exposure. However I don’t use ProCamera for either filters (majority of photos I never use a filter on anyway) or for sharing.

To Share

For sharing I use the free and widely used Instagram. I love the community there, and I hope the proposed changes due to Facebook purchase of Instagram won’t change things too much.

My husband now uses Instagram too and we can get quite competitive on numbers of followers, likes and comments! I am Janmary on Instagram (hint – follow me!)

Other Resources

My final iphone photography resouce for today is Statigram

This is an online way of viewing your instagram photos, and it is how I share my iphone photos on my blog.  I just right-click the image, and copy “Copy Image Location” and use that web address to add the image to my blog.

If you missed my obsession with my iphone photography, please read this post!

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  1. Oh I remember when you first got your Iphone – remember? Mine is my brain now. One of our friends who is an administrator has a latest version on and has 2 apps on it, only uses it for phoning. Oh my, I just WEEP.

    I love photography on the phone but can’t be trusted to do a pic a day. Perhaps I could do a pic whenever i think of it challenge haha!

    Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family, my friend.

    ♥ Barb

  2. Thanks for the great advice and inspiration Janine! Your photos are always amazing and I’m quite often disappointed with my iphone snaps (esp in poor light) but have now downloaded pro camera app and am excited already! Looking forward to more iphone posts! Cherry x

  3. ooh thank you for the weather app. busy installing now since I’m obsessed with the weather 🙂

    also I tried to follow you but it doesn’t want to do it from my side. can you follow me marcia0608 and I’ll follow right back

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