Monday Musings

Everyone finally back to school today ….. the cat and I have the house back to ourselves!

It is only a month until our trip to Florida – can’t wait, especially on dark, wet and gloomy mornings like today!

This was at 8.45 am this morning. I am looking forward to the lighter mornings!

Our daughters have exams at school at the minute – trying to help go over some maths but let’s just say it has been a LONG time since my brain got it’s head around simultaneous quadratic equations!It has proved a lesson in remembering what I no longer remember!

It was our Covenant service in church yesterday – a special service in the Methodist church, when we recommit our lives to God, traditionally on the first Sunday of the new year.

As part of the service we were challenged by our minister to do the following:

Look back and thank God
Look up and seek God
Look around and serve God
Look forward and trust God

Here is part of the prayer/promise we make together

I am no longer my own but yours.
Put me to what you will,
rank me with whom you will;
put me to doing,
put me to suffering;
let me be employed for you
or laid aside for you,
exalted for you
or brought low for you;
let me be full,
let me be empty,
let me have all things,
let me have nothing;
I freely and wholeheartedly yield all things
to your pleasure and disposal.

I am not sure if any other denominations have a similar commitment service, but it has become an important and meaningful part of my Christian faith.

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