…..And they are gone!!!! (and lessons learned)

My kids are ALL off to school – yes, ALL THREE – at the same time!!!

In almost 11 years of parenting, and apart from short times at pre-school/nursery school, this is the first time when I will be child-free from 9am to 2 pm

Our primary school does not believe in rushing things, so my son raced into his class room for his first ever experience of school, only to be collected by me ONE HOUR later! He was so keen to go, and take his lunch box with him too. However it will be at least October before he gets to eat lunch in school, and November before the sacred pick-up time of 2pm arrives.

Here are photos from this morning

DON’T let this angelic face mislead you – he was as much a bundle of energy as ever, so excited to be starting school.
Middle daughter (before she got nervous) and George (looking forward to some peace!)

The group shot – can’t quite believe this day has arrived!

Lessons learned (about school) this week

  • I am not looking forward to all the afternoon pickup times – 2pm, 3pm, 3.30pm and then if they stay for afterschool activities, some days there will be 4pm or 4.30 pm pickups. Most kids here are taken/collected by car or walk. There are few school buses for primary school age kids, and if you are older, there are only buses to the more rural areas.
  • It was lovely to see him so keen to go this morning, and surprisingly I did not feel that emotional about it. In fact my middle daughter was probably more nervous today, as I think she misses having her big sister in the same school.

Other lessons

  • I LOVE to get huge parcels in the post. And I LOVE them even more when they contain gorgeous kitchen goodies. Remember the sponsored giveaway by www.cookwareessentials.co.uk? I chose the Nigella Lawson cream cake plate and blue storage jar. The blue is a perfect match for the kitchen, and the more neutral plate will also match the dining room. I am also considering using it for some interior decor stuff in the autumn or at Christmas.
  • My husband was thrilled with his Wii age of 33 yesterday, when we played on Wii Sport with the kids. That was……..he was thrilled until I scored an age of 32!!!
  • I learned that I need some inspiration for a modern bathroom makeover, so if you have any great links to inspire me, that would be wonderful. Now that the kitchen makeover is complete, I want to keep the momentum up and not wait another 10 years before we makeover the next room. I am thinking along the lines of white and contemporary with neutral tiles and accessories. So don’t let me down, bloggy friends, inspire me!

So what have you learned this week? Have you any bathroom links for me? Do your kids start school so slowly/gently?

For more lessons, be sure to visit Jo-Lynne over at Musings of a Housewife – it is where lots of bloggers share their lessons each week.

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  1. Your kiddies are so cute! I’ve never heard of easing in to school quite that slowly before — maybe a half day to start max for the bigger kids. I now have 2 in half day school (Kindergarten and preschool) and having only 1 at home is such a change of pace!

    Hope you find some great bathroom inspiration! That sounds like how I’d like to redo our master bath too. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on getting all three of them in school at the same time! I’m sure you’ll enjoy having some time to yourself for a change!!

  3. I dream of the day I have peace and quiet all day. Not for several years though as I homeschool. Oh, well. Enjoy the quiet for me!

  4. I wonder if you will just sit in the quiet with your mouth open for the 1st 1/2 hour? I have come to cherish my quiet times – and am better for children/company when they DO get to spend time with me.

    Again, your photos are lovely and its so amazing watching your family grow up. Have you ever considered doing a slideshow which would morph one of them from baby to 1st day of school? I’d like to see.

    I think you should treat George to a big can of tuna to celebrate his quiet kingdom!

    Your blue china is elegant, I can see the attraction.

    I know nothing of bathrooms but recall a site for amazing bathroom fixtures – will try to recall it for you.

    Talk at you later, my friend!
    ~ Barb

  5. I know how you feel, I’m just sitting here taking it easy with a cup of coffee and enjoying the peace and quiet.

    You should take yourself down to The Yard for bathroom inspiration and just have a walk around. DO NOT take any form of credit card with your though. You have been warned:)

  6. Our elementary (your primary) schools definitely do not ease the kids in like that … the first day is the first full day and they recommend wearing sneakers because if they’ve got gym (physical education) that day, they WILL be expected to fully participate and run around, etc.

    And wow – what a crazy pick-up schedule you’ve got! I have to say, we do have it pretty good with the bus system – there are early buses and late buses, etc.

    I haven’t learned ANYTHING this week, except that I’m a masochist when it comes to blog design.

  7. some child-free time hours…congratulations! im lookign forward to that time myself…though i know i will be missing them a lot. well… kids grow fast, don’t they.

  8. Well, in a way, my daughter is starting college slowly. We’re delaying the big goodbyes for a while, and it’s a good thing. Sweet post. God bless!

  9. Congratulations on reaching this milestone! Even with the odd times picking them up, you are going to find your routine and LOVE IT! My youngest (of 4)is in college now but when he started school, I just couldn’t contain myself. I love my kids but after having someone at home for 15 years I was ready for a break.

    Can’t help on the bathroom front. We just did our bathrooms but absolutely nothing contemporary or white!

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