Wii have finished! ….. and ramblings too

Okay – I promise no more “wii” puns for a while.

The 30 day challenge I undertook with the Wii EA Active Sport Personal Trainer is over, or at least if would have been, if I had managed to complete all 20 workouts which I should have managed to do by now.

Confession – I have not been as disciplined about following the program – but this is a real, honest review, so I am being really honest!

The positives

  • varied program
  • Options to add extra activities (tennis, volleyball, baseball etc)
  • you can do it when it suits you
  • also encourages healthy eating, drinking water and getting enough sleep!
  • my kids loved it too, especially the running track
  • I can definitely see an improvement in my fitness level, and it definitely got me more active than I would have been without it.

The negatives

  • the encouraging voice gets a bit repetitive – wish there was the option to turn that bit off.
  • Wii sensor did not always recognise your movements, sometimes you needed to repeat a move several times for it to register.
  • handles on the resistance band became uncomfortable for me.

Overall I did really enjoy the program, and wished I had been more disciplined.

Would I do it again? – Yes

Would I stick at it better next time? I hope so!

I plan to continue using the Wii EA Active Sport Personal Trainer, especially for those times when exercising outside the home is not an option.

I would like to thank the Wii representatives and especially their PR (Kim) who was lovely to work with, for sending me the product to review.

If you too have the Wii EA Active Sport Personal Trainer, or have been tempted to get it I would love to hear your thoughts.

In other happenings, I was so keen to start my jewellery design course at the local college that I arrived today ONE WEEK early! – I felt a right eejit!!

So instead I spent the morning in bathroom showrooms gathering advice and brochures for my modern contemporay white bathroom. Hopefully it will not remain just a dream in my head, but like my kitchen makeover, will soon become a reality. Of course I will share it all here on my blog (whether you want to know about it or not!)

Finally, could not resist sharing these photos of my son, who finally got to take his lunch box to school today.
He got to stay for two and a half hours (!) so need to bring a snack with him – a piece of fruit, a biscuit and a carton of juice. As he has watched his big sisters packing their lunch boxes for years, he was eager to pack his own.

Fortunately I decided just to check the contents before we left the house as not only did it contain fruit, biscuit and juice, but also an assortment of small toys! I persuaded him these were not as essential as he thought, and we managed to leave them at home.

Can’t you just see that glimmer of mischief in his eyes?!!

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  1. It sounds cool, but I’ve had the Wii Fit ever since it came out and don’t use it that much, for as cool as it is, so I doubt I should spend the money to get the Active Sport. LOL

    Jewelry making sounds cool! I’d love to learn how to do that one day.

  2. Ha, if you had been able to follow it through and had lost lbs and inches… you could have called it a WEE *snort*

    If it got you doing SOMETHING and the children enjoyed it as well, so much the better and has probably paid for itself. We are not WII’ers. One day, someday we will take the leap. It will be something to look forward to.

    My Mr. has a lunchkit too – its bright yellow and has a Disney character on it and he is not scared to be seen with it. I love packing it with notes etc.

    So – ok, how be you show us whats IN a lunchkit? Do your children have favorite items? Do you remember school lunches of your childhood and how do they compare? Did you have a lunchpail? Do you have a picture of your own lunchpail?

    Ok, pestered you enough and I’m sure you’re wishing I’d keep my typing fingers in Canada haha!

    Yay – tomorrow’s friday (how does this work, I don’t even have a 9-5 Monday to Friday job!

    ~ Barb

  3. What a cute lunchbox! Hope he had a great day.

    …stopping by from SITS…

    Steph @ Stick It in the Fridge


  4. Yes, I can see that glint of mischief in his eyes! I’ll have to remember that trick when my daughter gets old enough to start packing lunches!

  5. I’m laughing at the lunchbox thing – I can only imagine what my youngest would put in her lunchbox if left to her own devices. I have a feeling that her beloved Bear would be getting out of the house a lot more often than he’s allowed to now.

  6. He looks so cute in his uniform and that smile looks like he knows about a toy that you didn’t find:) Mind you Chloe went to school today with a pine cone and two glow sticks in her bag!

  7. Thanks for the honest review, I have wondered about it and my kids really have been wanting one. Have a great SITS weekend.

  8. I saw it in his eyes… Congrats for finishing your Wii course I´m thinking about buying a Wii, too but I´m still undecided!

    Wish you a beautiful weekend!

  9. big congrats for finishing your programm! If I could do something like you…but for me it is impossible, I am not so patient.

    And I love those photos.


  10. i do have that wii active too!!! i started very eager but after a couple of days i stopped.. i really don’t know why! i think i like taebo more. anyway, you are right when you said the ‘encouraging’ of the wii trainor gets to be so repetetive that it becomes annoying, there is some difficulty recognizing the movement and you do have to repeat the motion ..sometime too often. but i did feel it helping me tone my arms and shoulders..and also my thighs!

  11. That son of yours is PRECIOUS! I LOVE him. NOt in a stalker way. More in a “can I genetically reproduce him” kind of way. Theres nothing wrong with that right?


    God bless!

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