A Soggy Saturday and an Early Christmas Present

Yes, it is a dark and wet Saturday afternoon, but I got my Christmas present VERY EARLY and managed to persuade my husband that waiting until Christmas morning would NOT be a good idea – what if I couldn’t use it properly and miss all the photos of the kids on Christmas morning!

Which camera did I get – Canon EOS 400D – yeah!!!

Now I need to venture of the Automatic settings, and digest the manual.

So here are a few layouts to share from this past week

First to get you in the mood for Christmas, here is a layout I made of last year’s decorations and Christmas tree. Christmas is about so much more that trees, fairy lights and presents, and we always include some nativity items.

All products (except the Alpha) by Lara Payton at Dusty Bear

Here is one of our family traditions. We have a wooden christmas nativity “thing” (don’t know the technical term), but my parents bought it for us in Vienna. It has 4 candles which we light with our children on the 4 sundays prior to Christmas, just before the kids’ bedtime. As the candles heat up, the carved wooden nativity pieces rotate. We sometimes talk a bit about the true meaning of Christmas, and the birth of Jesus. We have even been known to sing a christmas carol.

The next layout is of the Giants Causeway. We like to think in Northern Ireland that we are world famous for this unusual geological feature. It certainly is impressive, and there are more and more international visitors there everytime we visit. It is literally just ‘down the road’ from our holiday cottage, and I suppose we take it for granted. When I posted this layout at one of the on-line digital scrapbooking galleries, I received lots of comments about the stunning photos – the scenery is stunning I agree, the photos aren’t really out of the ordinary. It is just THERE in front of you, and you can walk and climb all around and over them. So thanks everyone for the praise, but I don’t deserve it!!

Everything in this layout by the lovely Gina Marie Huff of Weeds and Wildflower Designs

The last layout for today is VERY pink, so if you are allergic to pink – look away now!

All products in this layout by the lovely Chere Kaye at Funky Playground Designs.

That is all for today. Off to play a bit more with my new camera.

Take care until the next time

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  1. Congrats on the new camera! I hope I get one too! πŸ™‚

    I can’t believe you live in Ireland, that is one place that I am totally wishing I can visit someday. I’ve heard of the Giant’s Causeway, my aunt was there once. It looks amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your LO! πŸ™‚

  2. Very cool Christmas present you got! I’m sure you’ll be making lots of new lovely layouts with the pictures from it soon!
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Congrats on your new camera Gurl! Can’t wait to see galleries and galleries of new pics! Did you get an opportunity to investigate those links I gave you?

    I was so surprised to see your christams ‘traditoin’ with the candles which go round upon being heated… we had the very same thing, now that I think of it, only our set was little teensy tiny, and there were little metal angels above the candles, and they would ‘fly around’ when they got hot. I think I always was fascinated, but felt a little sorry for them. I’d sure love to find another set now!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely layouts – I always look forward to see what you’re making next!

    hugs to you,

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