Let it Snow!

OK – the chances of it snowing here soon are quite remote, as it is quite mild and we never get much snow, but it is the title of this layout, using Weeds & Wildflowers wonderful christmas kit – A Wildflower Holiday

This is from February 2004, when quite a lot of snow fell in Bristol in just a few hours. When I picked up the Sarah from school I decided to drive down to the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge in the city, to get a few snowy photos of the bridge and our church, Christchurch, Clifton. We got there without incident, but after the photos, snowman and snowball fight, we headed for home. However the roads were so slippey due to the amount of snow, and then a sudden freeze, that the roads were nearly impossible to drive on. What should have taken 15 minutes took over 2 hours, but we made it in the end.

Here are a few more pics from that memorable snow fall

In my last blog entry, I shared a bit about a christmas tradition, and decided to “scrap” about it in a digital layout using Lara Paytons A Vintage Season kit (parts 1 and 2).

And my last creation to share is a first for me – a digital hybrid advent calender. For the non-digi readers, that means I created the calender on the computer, then printed out the various pieces onto card, then glued/assembled it. I used Chere Kaye and CoriGammons’ new kit Boyful Christmas.

Finally, the latest installment of the injured George (the cat) saga.

We collected him from the vets near the cottage last Thursday, and I am not sure if it was us or him who was more pleased. However when our local vet checked his wounds on Saturday she asked we bring him back on Monday for a closer examination under anaesthetic. Following that, she rang and advised he be returned to the original vet so he could continue to daily monitor to wound. So he has gone back to the Ballymoney vet’s again, and we are receiving regular updates.

Here are a couple of photos of George at home last week, modelling the latest must-have fashion accessory for cats this season.

That’s all for now,

Take care

12 thoughts on “Let it Snow!”

  1. Those snowy photos are just beautiful! I love how everything glistens when it snows. Your advent calendar is awesome! I wish I had the time to put something like that together, but I’ll be buying one preassembled this year, lol. And could George be any cuter? He’s precious!

  2. WOW! The blending on that layout is gorgeous! All of it is gorgeous, but the first one with the blending really takes your breath away!

    Great snow pics! Looks like fun!

    and the poor kitty! Hope he gets all better soon!

  3. George is such a cutie, even with his cone. Sure hope he gets well soon. What an oreal for him and for you!

  4. gorgeous layouts, Love those snowy photos and AWWW poor George, I hope he gets well soon, he has really been through the wringer hasn’t he?!

  5. Great pictures and layouts of the snow. I really love the foggy type pictures.
    I sure hope George gets better soon. He looks like a sweet kitty. Vet bills can kill you, I’ve had a sick kitty a time or two and the decisions are so hard to make. He looks good and strong, hope he’s home purring soon.

  6. Your snow photos are wonderful!! Wow, you really do take fantastic photo’s!!

    Sorry your kitty had to go back to the vet, hopefully he will be all better soon.

  7. Awww poor kitty. Hope he’s home and well soon : (

    Love that blended LO, very cool. And those photos BRRRR!!! They’re beautiful but it looks so cold LOL

  8. Ohhh poor George-in-a-cone… he looks like some sort of a lamp, though I know that’s there to stop him from licking himself. Give him a nice pet for moi! Glad he’s home and on the mend.

    Your Snow pics are simpy beautiful – I’ve never thought of pegging a special place to photograph in the snow… you’ve given me food for thought. We have merely a skiff on the ground at this time.

    The kits you’ve worked with are wonderful – and I love the advent calendar you’ve made!

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing JanMary – you’re a special part of my day!


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