Day 1 – my advent for Christmas

My plan is to post a photo every day up to Christmas, with a christmas theme. I put up our first christmas tree last night in the living room, so here it is.

Have 2 sick kids in the house, but still managed to get more decorations and the second tree up. Just put my youngest to bed and we read one of our christmas books which we keep packed up with our christmas decorations. It was a picture book – the nativity story, for toddlers, but we have a bit of work to do, because he kept looking in the pictures for Santa and the snowmen!

So my plan is to be here everyday until Christmas. I hope you can join me.

Take care

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  1. Your advent idea is super! Nice tree, I wanted to get ours this weekend. But I have been in bed with a headache most of the day.

  2. I love pulling out all our Christmas books and reading them every night b/f bed. We read them over and over…I think I like them as much as the kids 🙂

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