Blogging from the beach

Following my last live blogging on my iPhone, here I am again, blogging on the go!

We are on Runkerry Strand, the sun is shining, it is pleasantly warm and the waves are gentle.

It is October so it is time to attempt to get the family photo for the Christmas card. Usually with assistance from my husband and the bribery of a few sweets we succeed. If we don’t manage it I always threaten to produce the Santa hats…..enough of a threat to focus their minds!!!!

So here are a few pics from my iPhone of fun on the sand.

Take care, and come back soon

15 thoughts on “Blogging from the beach”

  1. Oh what for great pictures!
    I need a IPhone ;O)
    And i need the Beach and Holidays too!

    Fantastic Blog!

  2. wow!!! thank you for keeping in touch thru your iphone… i wish to get one of those someday. anyway… you took beautiful pictures! hope to see more in the coming days! you take care!!

  3. You take the best pics!! I just downloaded a cool iPhone app yesterday called Quadcamera. It takes 4-8 consecutive shots and puts the pics in a group of 4. They turn out pretty good. Check it out!

  4. Thanks for the reminder that I’d better get going on that family Christmas card photo! 🙂

  5. Kathryn at

    Beautiful Pictures. I’ve got the phone, but never the time or patience to blog on the go. What a lovely result! I think you’ve inspired me.


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