GIVEAWAY – £25 Marks & Spencers Vouchers for TWO winners!

I am delighted to announce TWO giveaway prizes of £25 vouchers, thanks to a great new site which I have discovered.
Do you use discount codes? I must confess I tend to look for them for online purchases, but forget about them for restaurants, shops on the High Street etc.

However, I now have a great place to search for UK vouchers.

To be in with a chance of winning, just leave me a comment below, telling me what you would spend your M&S vouchers on if you won. (I wonder how many bags of Percy Pigs you could get for £25!)

Giveaway will close Friday 13th November at 10pm, GMT.
For more details on Terms and Conditions you can email me for a copy (a link directly to them will follow shortly).

Open to UK bloggy readers only this time, sorry everyone else.

On to other news – since my last (beachy) blog post here are a few things we have been up to here at the cottage.

We attempted to make more Brownies – this time WITH the sugar, and they were delicious!

Today we went 10-pin bowling – and as you can see I had great fun photographing the lights.

Finally, as promised, here are a few of my new creations for janmary designs – coming to my new on-line store SOON!

Let me know what you think of these – feedback always helpful.

That is you lot for tonight. Remember to leave a comment (with valid email address if you are entering the giveaway).

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  1. Oh nice £25 for M&S.
    I would buy my neice who is 8yrs, the lovely red Autograph Ruffle Taffeta Dress, she would love it for her christmas pressie.
    Or a percy pig gift hamper 🙂

    I follow u on twitter @sherieannb

  2. Where are you Janmary? I lived in Barton Mills (near Cambridge) for 7 years. I don’t live in the UK anymore though. There are lots of things I miss about it! Your necklaces are just gorgeous! I love one in particular. (the second one). Take care and have a gorgeous fall day!

  3. All your necklaces are fair and fine,
    You such an eye for design,
    But if I pick one that’s BEST,
    One that shines above the rest,
    I’d have to choose necklace #7,
    Pretty little piece of heaven,
    Though all are lovely – they all truly are,
    But #7 is nicest by far.

    The bowling pic is delightful – a treat for the eye.

  4. Good morning, I was after you at SITS – happy Saturday Sharefest!

    Mmm, £25 for M&S? It would have to go on beauty miniatures to send to the US – my 14 year old cousin in Washington DC loves getting little packages of M&S goodies and she is down in the dumps at the moment because she has to miss her ballet show due to tendinitis (and the new ballet teacher is being nasty to her about it – how mean!)

    I love the colour combination in the first necklace – very pretty.

    Happy Halloween!

  5. Thanks what a lovely prize.I like the final necklace its the blues that attract me, it looks delicate.

    Wow a chance to spend £25 and mooch at Marks and Spencer, I would possibly just buy a pair of their jeans as they always have a great fit. Failing that it would be a gorgeous cream top for my daughter I saw recently, but was dearer than I wanted to pay.

  6. Hi there! Karen from Manic Mommies 😀 I love these designs- I bookmarked to see then when they hit your etsy store!

  7. Hi there, I’m here from BMB. £25 at M&S would be spent on new underwear. I may be a mummy, but I’m still me underneath!!! Some new pretty things would be marvellous 🙂

  8. Love those beads.
    Well, now that the USA only does air mail, it is becoming prohibitive to send Xmas presents to England the way I used to. Paying more for the postage than the actual gift is silly, but with M&S I can be guaranteed a beautiful Xmas bouquet for my mum AND they take off the VAT because I don’t live in England. Bargain – and my mum loves the flowers.

  9. As I’m now hugely pregnant and there are only so many Percy Pigs you can eat in one sitting, I’d probably send £25 M&S vouchers on a pair of bright pink leather gloves to wear whilst pushing my (yet to be used) double pushchair after Christmas. I have the feeling I’ll be doing it a lot. Then I might buy some Percy Pigs…..I am eating for two after all!!

  10. Hi JM,

    what a fabulous post once again. Your celebration at your church has truly moved me. I gaurentee when our church grows to a larger size (and I am believing it WILL) then I think we would follow your fabulous example. What a great celebration!

    Why do kids like to dress in black so much these days anyways? LOL. At least one can’t see grass and food stains haha.

    Your jewellery is simply lovely. Sorry to finish this comment short, but I’m here at 2:30 a.m. due to not being able to sleep but am finally finding I just might be inclined to noooooood offffffff *yawn*

    ~ Barb

  11. I would buy something indulgently chocolatey for a great New Year’s Eve in. I’m on call so cannot drink but chocolate will do nicely!

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