Blog Journal Day 14 & 15 Where I blog and Bucket List Top 5

I am continuing with my blog journal, and the first topic is “Where I blog”.

I do most of my blogging at my laptop on my laptop shelf in our kitchen/family room. 

 Sometimes it is a LOT more cluttered than this!

George, the cat, loves to sit on the edge of the sofa while I work here, or sometimes actually on the shelf.  If he is feeling very ignored, he will walk across the keyboard and generally get in the way so he can have some attention!

The top 5 on my Bucket List  is the 2nd topic for the blog journal.

Confession – I have never compiled a list of things I want to do in my life, but now that I have to for this journal, I am sure some of the following would be included

1. Visit Australia

2. Live abroad with my husband (when the kids leave home!)

3. My kids to grow up happy and healthy

4. Visit Ellis Island (my grandmother was deported from here in 1921! A number of her siblings emmigrated to US, but she never returned to America, instead she married my grandfather, had 5 kids, 18 grandkids and lots of great grand kids!!)

5. Attend a blogging conference

So, over to you – care to share where you blog or go online?

Do you have a Bucket List and if so, what would be in your top 5?

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  1. I blog at my desk that’s also my work station and my beading table. We get pretty crowded when Gabby, Cuddles, Topaz, Lacey, and Buddy decide to sit near me.

    My bucket list?
    1: Visit Ireland and Scotland–home of my forefathers with my husband and my son.
    2: Visit the Black Hills with my husband.
    3: Have afghan sets made for all my future grandchildren.
    4: Have to think about numbers 4 & 5. 😀

  2. I love your little desk!
    I haven’t got a bucket list… but you’ve got me thinking now…

  3. I don’t blog MUCH, lately, but when I do its usually at my desk/craft area which is in the basement. Cold in the winter and I need a heater – coooool and delicious in the summer. I also use my iphone to blog “on the fly” when I think of it. Sometimes that makes a difference whether I blog or not.

    Hmmm – visiting YOU has got to be #1 for me. All else is a distant second. 🙂

    Went on a field trip with my school class today, with a bagged lunch even. I felt like a kid. It was a sunny day (been rainy for weeks and will rain again tomorrow!)

    Ohh a blog conference would be exciting!

    Hugs to you!
    ~ Barb

  4. No, I don’t have a list, per se. I was talking to Honey Bear about this just the other day. I have some unfinished items which I do not want to leave that way so I am trying to finish them before starting something else. I do have some places I’d like to visit and things I would like to do. I’ve never written them down, though.
    I like the idea of seeing where everyone blogs. This would make a good blog carnival. I like your shelf. I usually do my blogging while sitting in a comfortable chair in the living room with the computer on a lap desk.
    Mama Bear

  5. I blog 50% from my laptop and 50% from my desktop. I really have to jump in and transfer everything to my laptop but I’m just too scared. For some reason, it seems “safer” to have everything on my desktop. I have no idea why.

  6. I blog at my desk, I try and keep it solely for using the pc and paperwork, but you can imagine how often I break that rule:)

    I haven’t really thought about a bucket list, but here you go (subject to change) –

    1. Take Chloe to Disney (even though I might hate it, but will probably end up secretly loving it).
    2. Finish the laundry (go on you can laugh).
    3. For Chloe and Robert to be happy/content.
    4. Go back to Egypt.
    5. I could do with a cup of coffee…

    that last one’s totally do-able, I always have to have something on my lists that I can do right now so that I feel like I’m getting somewhere:)

  7. I just found you commenting on the pioneer woman’s titanic post. I love you’re blog. Been looking at it for an hour now. And I love your jewelry! I wish I had kept up with it. I had started years ago but, ? what, never had the patience? Who am I kidding? I was lazy! And besides janmary designs, how did you decide you wanted to get into blogging? Thanks much, lorene R.

  8. Hi Jan Mary, just wanted to pop in and say hello, and return your visit, I’m so behind on reading blogs but hoping to catch up now that school is out for Summer. I’ve never thought about a bucket list either, I wouldn’t know where to start!
    Have a great weekend, I’ll be back soon.

  9. Your space is cute! I desperately want to carve out a space of my own in my house, but there are too many other projects to work on. I blog from anywhere…the kitchen table, my bed, the couch.

    I’d love to go to Australia!

  10. loving your blogging space.. especially the fact that you have a heater right under your desk… but that could be because it is freezing in our little study today!

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