Lessons Learned – it’s been a while!

As the title says, it has been a while since I shared any lessons learned.

So what have I learned this week

1. I seem to be drawn to greys (grays) and pinks right now, both in clothes, accessories and of course the jewellery I am making.  Here is a long chain cluster necklace and crocheted cuff I have just completed.

What colours are appealing to you this season?

2. Submitting tax returns is stressful – especially in your first year of trading as a small business aka JanMary Designs

3. I am working furiously at creating new jewellery items for sale as I already some craft fairs, a ladies pamper evening and some “girls night in” party dates arranged too. I want to have my stock levels high, so busy, busy, busy!

If you would like to

  • BOOK A PARTY (and live in N Ireland!) 
  • buy some jewellery (wherever you are in the world – free shipping) 
  • or even be super-organised and commission me to create a customised christmas card for your family using your own photos 

then get in touch 🙂  You  can leave a comment here or email me at  janmary dot janmary @ gmail dot com (using no spaces and correct punctuation)

Here is our family card from last year:

4. Still loving the silversmith evening course I have started, even if I only had a pathetic wobbly oval to show for all my efforts last night. Somehow I am resisting the temptation to share my “effort” with you!

5. Donkeys are cute – especially baby ones!

My son and his wee friend loved their visit to my friend the “chicken lady” – they got to meet the one week old donkey called Poppy, collect 4 very fresh eggs from the hen house, play with the dog, and feed the rabbit and guinea pigs.

That’s all from me for now, so have YOU learned anything this week? Please share.

For more lessons learned please visit Julie at From Inmates to Playdates

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  1. Gorgeous stuff! Love the picture of the donkeys too. I love grey and pink! It was my favorite color combo growing up. Now I’m also in love with browns and pink. Especially on my girls.

  2. oooooooh, love pink & grey! always a classic combination!

    And yes, baby donkeys are adorable! Adult ones? Not so much.

  3. Hi Jan Mary! You asked what colors we are being drawn to lately? I am constantly seeing dark purple when I shop and everywhere I go. Mainly because I spent a large amount of time finding a deep purple dress for my son’s upcoming wedding! They asked the moms to be in either purple or yellow. I guess once you notice a certain color it stays with you for a while!

    I loved wearing your grey pearl spiral bracelet today!! Thanx again!

  4. I constantly go for maroon and green. But it only looks right her in India in the autumn and winter season. Otherwise, biscuit colour….

  5. Your latest, in the pretty and soft shades of pinks/grays are very timeless and elegant and I can see them being a tasteful addition to the most elegant of occaisions. Wouldn’t it be interesting if you could have a story from the view of each of your beautiful pieces – their story as they go out all over the world and grace the necks and wrists of many people?

    I remember how much our children always enjoyed a visit to any farm or petting zoo. Only problem ever arised when they wanted to bring critters HOME!

    Thank you for another wonderful post – and PLEASE, share your smithing, we won’t laugh and you will have record of it here for future reference when you are rich and famous and your designs grace the necks of movie stars *wink*

    ♥ Barb

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