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Font-a-licious – Contrary Mary

Here is one of my latest digital scrapbooking layouts, using Weeds and Wildflowers Sweet & Simple #9.

Do you notice the font? Read on……

As a digi-scrapper, I frequently search the fonts available online (I usually browse dafont) trying to find one similar to my own style.

I recently spotted an offer by a friend, Kimberly on facebook, who is a talented graphic artist and creator of some well-known fonts, to create some new fonts using our own handwriting. I immediately got in touch, and following her simple instructions, within 24 hours she had emailed back my font FROM CHINA (where she and her family are living right now).

You can download my font HERE for free!

Kimberly and her husband are planning to adopt an ethopian child, and is hoping to earn some additional funds by selling more of her fonts commercially.  I am more than delighted to help, and as a bonus I get my own font.  If you would like to find out more about, and would like to send Kimberly a sample of your handwriting which she may create into a font, then leave your email address in the comments.

To see or download some of Kimberley’s free fonts check here – I love the names she has chosen. Kimberely’s fonts have been used widely  in books and online, and who knows maybe some day you will open a book and see Contrary Mary font too!

Finally, another digi-layout, using the same Weeds & Wildflowers kit.

That’s all folks – pleased leave me a comment – it makes me happy 🙂

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  1. Wow you’ve got very neat handwriting. On a good day mine I can barely even read mine.

    I might have missed my calling and should have been a GP, well a GP in the 80s seeing as they print everything now. That gag’s just lost all it’s effect, hasn’t it:)

  2. omgosh, JM – love your handwriting! The older I get, the worse my penmanship gets. I’m slowly approaching serial killer territory here.

  3. hi janmary!! your font is so cool!1 i love it! i am interested in having my handwriting made into a font… can you forward to her my email add…since you already have it.
    have a nice weekend ahead!!

  4. wow – wonderful font!! Like it! And the idea for a handwriting font sounds great!

    Great page you made

  5. OH DEAR! Happy BELATED birthday, my freind. Please forgive me for missing. I know you have been spoiled by your “troupe”

    LOVE the layout – you look GREAT!

    The font is lovely, I did my own one time through a service online but not close to how nice yours is! I will have to look at your friend Kimberly’s more closely.

    I’ve had little online time as our folks are still here and we are getting in much quality time. They are NOT computer people at all. Mom and I have been canning etc and we have been on a few day trips locally. I will catch up with you when they go home – they have informed us they will stay till the 27th!!! We must be good company *giggle*

    I miss visiting your blog, will try to sneak more in.

    ♥ Barb

  6. thats really nice handwriting Jan, it reminds me of another Jan’s that I knew,when I asked her she told me it was called Mary Ann Richards or something very close.
    Janice would complete all the forms in the RAF transport office meticulously I loved the clarity, they could be very fussy in schools at the time she was educated, (1960,s) best wishes Colin

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