An April Evening on White Rocks Strand, N Ireland

We are having a relatively quiet week at the cottage, and for the last few evenings the highlight of the day has been a trip to the beach in the evening. We have chosen White Rocks Strand which is just a few miles along the coast from the cottage.

For some (me) that means lots of photos

for others it is a paddle

a jump

and just messing around and being kids.

I love this view of Dunluce Castle and the caves and arches in the rocks below.

A few more photos

Then time for home.

So – one of those evenings when nothing special happened, but it was special all the same! Know what I mean?

Do you have a favourite image?

The more observant among you might have noticed that we appear to be missing a daughter in all these images, she is having a sleepover tonight.

9 thoughts on “An April Evening on White Rocks Strand, N Ireland”

  1. Hi JM!  

    Your photos are lovely – I especially like “the Jump” and the soft grasses one.  Having recently been to the ocean side over here I could almost smell the salt in the breeze while reading!  

    Thanks for sharing! 


  2. Elizabeth Holder

    ok – i was wondering where Sarah was too!!! Great captures – wish I were back there – LOVE your sun flare!!!

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