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On 6th December – our Church is prepared for Christmas

This morning, before the congregation arrived, I was able to take a few photos in the main church so I can share how it looks for Christmas.

However, more important than lovely candles, flowers and banners, is how we are prepared for Christmas in our hearts.

Each week of Advent we light some of the Advent Candles. This is how it looks this year.

There are some very talented and creative ladies in our church who have made a wonderful series of banners for our building.  These are the Christmas banners – Christ in various languages from around the world.


And now some more views of the interior

And of course a nativity – this one happens to be knitted

Beautiful as it is, it is empty in these photos, and I am pleased to report it looks even more beautiful when filled with some of God’s family. I grew up in a denomination which did not decorate the church for Christmas or Easter, so it is quite different for my kids.

As a blog is (or can be) a 2-way conversation, I would love to hear if you attend church, and if so, is it decorated for Christmas?

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  1. Wow… your church looks gorgeous for Christmas. Over here in Australia the air conditioning is cranked in our church! We have a huge advent calendar at the front for the kids to open each Sunday, and a patchwork-style Christmas mural. Everyone in the church helped with the individual panels, and when put together it spells out a verse from Luke. And our knitted nativity scene is exactly the same as yours!

  2. Your church is gorgeous & beautifully decorated! I attend church (Leadership Team) & I don’t know if it was decorated in the lobby like usual because I came in thru a back door area. But it is a lovely place also.
    I love that even businesses celebrate & decorate for “OUR” holiday!!

  3. Very lovely photos. We decorate modestly at my church with just a tree in the foyer and some poinsettias.

  4. your church is lovely!! love all the banners you have. there is not much decorations in our church..but they do put a big nativity when christmas is really near.
    thank you fro sharing!!

  5. Your church looks beautiful! I don’t attend church but I have been to a few weddings at this time of year and I’m always in awe how beautifully the church (whatever church it may be) is decorated for the season.

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